Amazing Nuvasa Bay Batam Beach!

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We drove out to the beach, Nuvasa Bay Batam – one of the newer resorts of Batam Riau, Indonesia.

Note: This post was originally written in April 2021. This is only my experience back then, do NOT use this as a guide – things might have changed now.

The resort, I’m sure, is full of fun activities from banana boat rides to zip lines. But we didn’t plan on staying in it. You’ll find all these activities in most resorts and beaches in Batam. I’d done most of these activities before anyhow. Check out my complete Batam travel guide here.

We were at Nuvasa Bay only to sit by its beaches, unlike my stay at Kiki Beach Resort.

Here I’ll share what I did out of all these activities. I had done a lot of banana boat riding before so I decided I’d go for a 4×4 squad bike riding.

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Visiting Nuvasa Bay Batam

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Nuvasa Bay Beach in Batam

I must say, the beach was unquestionably well-maintained with a spectacular view. Since there were so many activities to choose from, we decided we’d just get ourselves entrance passes to the beach first. We decided to check out the activities later.

We had no trouble communicating in Bahasa Indonesia either. After all, we’ve been living in Batam for years. For fellow travelers out there, check out this with locals – it’ll help you while visiting any part of Indonesia!

Entering the beach, we found a spot to settle down on the warm beach sand. In the distance, there are quite some other visitors. It was a weekend, after all, travelers from Singapore loved visiting Batam as a getaway.

By ‘we’- I mean mum, dad, and myself. My little brother, however, was already prancing around at the tips of the waves that hit the shore. I stared at him. He had his little swimming suit on with a water gun in his hand. We finally got a spot with a modest hammock and settled down for it.

It felt like the homestay in Bintan (another Riau Island) except Nuvasa Bay wasn’t offbeat.

I’d brought the guitar along too. When I hadn’t learned guitar before, I had a chance to play with some locals at Abang Island. I had regretted it and now came with some songs in hand.

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Nuvasa Bay – Music, Me and the Tree

You see, music is all about enjoying the moment, getting involved with it, feeling it. It’s also about grabbing attention from people, getting girls – well, enjoying the moment is important.

I played some songs facing the breathing waves. I sang the songs to myself as no one came around. Then I got bored with it and looked around for something more interesting to do.

Behind me, I found a tree with a fixed ladder to it. I looked up. It seemed to be over four floors high and on the top was sort of a platform out of wooden planks.

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I looked around. No one.

I went to the tree and started to climb up. I mean, how dangerous could it be? Unfortunately, I found the answer to it when I stepped over the last rung onto the wooden platform. The platform had no safety around. However, the view from up there was breathtaking.

Yeah, the picture sure is amazing. By the time, I got the shot, I was sweating worse than a pig. With great difficulty, I somehow made it down to the ground alive.

Though it’s an amazing spot to check out. Nuvasa Bay is to become an exclusive residential spot in Batam. You can purchase apartments here.

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Other Accommodations in Batam

Yeah, the reason why we didn’t stay at Nuvasa Bay Batam was because we live here. We often go on long drives to beaches for a dip, and probably stay a day for the weekend if we feel a little fancy. It does make sense, doesn’t it? We live IN the beach paradise.

But for travelers, I recommend staying by the beach as that’s what makes Indonesia special – the tropical air and soothing waters anywhere you go.

The perks of Batam are that it is still offbeat and the rates are much lower than tourist hubs of Indonesia like Bali. The resorts are even better – it’s a win-win!

Over my years of experience, here are some of my favorite handpicked beachside resorts in Batam. Grab your deals today!

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The highlight of the day

That next activity I got myself in was the highlight – I slept. Not my fault! Imagine yourself in my place- a nice hammock, warm air, and a filmy breeze under a tree. If I’d slept for just a while that would have been acceptable. However, I slept for the rest of our stay on the beach.

I didn’t have any food apart from the few snacks we had packed. Yeah, don’t do that when in Batam (or anywhere in Indonesia) – Indonesia’s local delicacies are a blast and something not to miss.

My dad enjoyed playing the guitar later and my mum enjoyed taking pictures of me sleeping like the one below. You know what my brother was doing. And that was how we spent the weekend at the beach :)

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When we were on our way back, I smiled. I’d come to a beach – a resort- and I never touched the damn water!

I thought to myself, Now that’s a vacation worth sharing. This is the shortest-ever travel blog on Nuvasa Bay Batam that I’ve written.

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