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This one shall be the last piece on Malaysia, I promise… well, unless I get back to Malaysia at some point in time later on. But that shall be another story now, shan’t it? Speaking of stories, if you look up at my recent posts here, you’ll see a lot of articles on my trip to Malaysia. All of them being scrambled experiences from different places- Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, and even Genting Highlands. In order to organize all these, I decided to bring all of them under a cornerstone here. With that, here’s the full write-up of my travel blog to Malaysia… (Spoiler alert, it’s pretty lengthy)

Starting off in Kuala Lumpur

I was traveling along with my parents for this particular journey. Did I mention I was pretty young when I visited Malaysia? Don’t worry, this isn’t outdated information- I just have a great memory of my travels.

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We started off our trip by landing in Kuala Lumpur- the capital city of Malaysia. It does sound wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, if Genting Highlands had its own airport, I guess we would have landed there. Because we didn’t stay in KL for more than a considerable number of hours. After we landed, we had some food at a restaurant near the airport- Subang Airport.

It was already late in the evening. The sun was going down and yet, the heat was still up. I was starting to get a headache now. To be honest with you, sure I lived in Indonesia at the time. And of course, Indonesia is equally hot as the country’s on the Equator line (links to National Geographic) as well. But this seemed different. I wasn’t sweating much, which clearly meant the place wasn’t very humid. The heat seemed striking.

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I never figured out if it was the restaurant being too smoky or the air getting hotter. Because before I knew it, we were already on our way to catch our bus to Genting Highlands. Kuala Lumpur was just a stop for the moment, Genting Highlands was our destination. And so we went up the hill.

You can actually get up to the highlands with the more popular transport- cable car. We didn’t know about it at the time. We got to know about it much later on. So, if I were you and knew about the cable car route up to Genting Highlands, I would definitely go for that. Not the bus.

Genting Highlands and its everlasting mist

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One of the things that make the Genting Highlands so different from the rest of Malaysia is its weather. Unlike the hot air all over the place, this place is chilly 24/7. I mean, it is very much above the sea level, what else would one expect? When we were going up there, I thought the air conditioning was a bit too much on the bus. It was getting colder by the minute and the sun had already long set before.

But once we alighted the bus up near the First World Hotel, we got the twist. The air-conditioning on the bus was actually trying to keep us warm on the bus. The moment we got off, it was way cooler. Now, I preferred the bus. But when I turned around, the bus was already gone. The First World Hotel lay in front of us, waiting to welcome us in.

And so we went. We already had everything booked prior to arrival. So we didn’t have any trouble getting up to our room. We had a room with a floor to ceiling window pane which I thought was pretty cool. But when I pushed aside the curtains, I looked beyond the thick glass with a disappointment- there was nothing I could see. There was just a thick mist that seemed to be forever moving.

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I thought it would clear up the next morning or at least that’s what my parents assured me before I went to bed. I was too exhausted to argue anyway.

When I woke up the next morning, sure the mist had cleared up… vaguely, but good enough. Now I could see the faint outline of an enormous roller coaster. It seemed way scarier with the mist around it.

The theme park on Genting Highlands

Let me not go in detail with this part. Let me not spoil it here though that’s my job as a travel writer here. I’ve already spoiled it enough on my post on Genting Highlands.

If you did read it just now, great! If you didn’t… that’s great too (madman wiping a tear of the corner of his right eye*). I can’t help it if you wish to be this much of a vagabond while giving this a read. All you needed to do was just click it after all. Let me just summarize it for you anyway.

One of the very few reasons why people visit the Genting Highlands is for its fun rides. Its theme park. Speaking of which, they’ve got one indoor and another outdoor. Both are equally amazing. We had to hurry up a little with everything as we just had one day to cover the entire theme park. So I tried to pick rides that seemed worth the time that I waited for to actually get on them. It’s a theme park after all. And with it being very popular, it had some really long waiting lines.

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As usual, the gigantic roller coaster on the outdoor theme park had the longest waiting line of all. This is pretty typical, isn’t it? I was young as well as short at the time, so I wasn’t eligible to get up on it anyway… I am not that tall for my age right now either, so we better not discuss further it.

The Kuala Lumpur Stay

After spending the day on the rides at the Genting Highlands, we were on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. We made it there late in the evening. Our tour around Kuala Lumpur would have to wait until the next morning. We had a hotel booked already. Nothing to brag about it here. It was a simple hotel that you’d find anywhere. To be honest with you, it was so basic that I don’t actually remember its name either.

But what I can tell you is that it was somewhere deep inside the allies as it took a long while for us to find it.

Kuala Lumpur hit 1: Petronas Tower

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The next morning, we were first going to visit the Petronas Tower. If you look up for the timings of visiting the Petronas Tower in Malaysia, you’ll find that it takes around 45 minutes to an hour at maximum for the entire tour. I totally agree that it takes less than an hour to complete the whole tour. But the security check before you make it up there definitely takes a long time.

Primarily, the tour includes taking you up to the swaying bridge between both the buildings and then taking you back. They don’t let you to the top of the towers. At least not for us- usual tourists. They let you stay on the bridge for about half an hour or so and the lift to take you up there doesn’t take over a couple of minutes.

The only thing that takes time as I said, is their stringent security check. I didn’t find it all the way boring as there were displays all around in the waiting zone. They all were of how the buildings were built. It did have a pretty interesting story.

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Fun fact: A competition was held between two contractors from different countries (Japan and South Korea)… who would build faster? The winner would get the chance to build the swaying bridge between them!

We weren’t going to be in Kuala Lumpur long. After the Petronas Tower, our next stop was the Batu Caves… and off we went!

About the Batu Caves

Is Batu Caves Worth Visiting? – Complete Batu Caves Guide

Visiting the Batu Caves when you go to Malaysia is completely your choice. If you’re into knowing more about historical facts and getting some peace. And climbing a lot of steps of course- this might work out for you. Otherwise, not really. So it’s completely your wish. You may go through the link that I provided above and find out for yourself.

But if you want some traditional colorful photos from Malaysia, then this might turn out pretty cool. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? The vibrant hues of the steps. When I went there years ago, the steps were plain and I don’t distinctively remember any colorful steps to make it up to the caves.

Batu caves stairs. batu caves steps paint
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But a couple of years ago, the steps were painted in vibrant different colors for tourist attraction purposes. The paint has definitely done its job, I can assure you that! Considering they have just about 272 steps, and them being painted different colors? It does have a wonderful touch to it. I wish I visit it again sometime later on.

Ciao Adios! (No, not the song… I meant goodbye)

After Batu Caves, our next stop was back to the airport. So we got in our cab and were in a long drive back to the airport. We had a pretty good driver. Along with driving, he also explained about the lifestyle in Malaysia and so on. We didn’t have any trouble communicating as the Malay language is pretty similar to Indonesian and we know that… I’ve written some basics of Bahasa Indonesia. That can help you out a little. Anyway, we hadn’t booked the taxi prior to our arrival, and yet we had a sweet service with a normal taxi.

I guess I dozed off when we were on the flight back to Singapore. Because when I woke up, I was already on my way back to Batam Riau from Singapore.

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That happened pretty quick, I thought. And by next morning, I was lying in my bed again lazily rolling all over the place.

So that would be all about my travel blog- Malaysia. Stay tuned as I’ve got a lot of ideas coming up for my next travels… thank you for your time. Have a nice day! Well, if you’re going to Malaysia soon, happy journey as well! ;)

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