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Hey there! I’m glad you made it here, I’m Manas.

Hundreds of scribbled stories float here. But in a nutshell, this is a travel blog and my passion for putting words together keeps this space going.

Take a stroll and you’ll find personal blogs, itineraries, and travel guides.

About Madman’s Journey

When I pick up my backpack, one thing I almost never carry is that list of ‘places to visit’. With a scheduled journey, the word ‘exploring’ vanishes in thin air. I could make it on time to that 200-year-old shrine, but I’d prefer piggybacking the day wherever it takes me.

Some days I make it to amazing experiences, and some days just float by. Either way, it’s always an adventure and that’s what this is all about. The travel blogs that make up most of this site are crazy personal experiences. The itineraries and travel guides are penned down keeping those experiences and mess-ups in mind.

I don’t read travel tips and here I am writing them. Ironic, isn’t it?

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…scattered bits from my Medium stories

“With islands clustered anywhere you head inside the borders of Indonesia, they make for backwaters that have never seen waves before.”

– Ocean’s Elegance: Backwater Shores of Remote Indonesia

“… it was the small things, a local fisherman’s smile, and little kids excited to try their newly learned English words with us

– Backpacking Vietnam Without an Itinerary

“Whenever I pack my backpack, the only fear is landing with a bunch of tourists looking for comfort, giggles, and Instagram shots.”

– The Beauty of a Traveler’s Adaptability

It’s official. I’m in love with Medium!

Travel blogs answer whether you should pack sun lotion. But my Medium tales are all about the heavenly bits of my travels. Introspections and reflections. The picked pieces above were underlined on some stories by other readers like yourselves :)

Grab a snack and pluck your Medium read below:

Destination Guides

The pillars of this Journal
chapora fort sunset view
river rafting in dandeli
best seafood indonesia batam
manali travel blog
open ocean habitat sea aquarium sg

My experience blogs, itineraries, and travel tips swarm this maze. It was time I tidied up, thus creating these Guides map. Browse through them to find all related articles on that place. Perhaps it’s best to start your journey here!

ho chi minh city waterbus
buddha tooth relic temple, singapore budget travel guide
bir billing itinerary blog
hanoi travel blog
nandi hills wallpaper
ooty travel blog

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