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Hey there, I am Manas Patil, welcome to my blog! :)

I’m an undergrad student still pursuing my Bachelor’s – and a travel writer. Coming from India, I’ve had the privilege of visiting countries abroad since the age of 6 ever since my dad got a job in Indonesia. In fact, I lived in Indonesia for 8 years before moving back to India for my higher studies.

With a soft spot for writing as far as I can vividly remember, I wrote whenever I could. These pieces were all over the house as a kid – tiny stories in notebooks, essays in school competitions, mini-novels on hyped mystery ideas I had back in high school. When I turned 17, I took a leap and started this space.

I started this blog as a hobby three years ago (June 2018 to be exact- in case I don’t update this page in time). This site was a bunch of spontaneous stories and perspectives of mine back then. Further down the line, I discovered more about blogging. That’s when I decided to put my knack to some use.

That’s where I brought it down to the niche I was personally fond of – travel.

I’d traveled to a few countries, to begin with as well. Writing for years now, this blog is dedicated to providing you with insightful destination guides on various places.

Pandemic and the Writing Niche

The writing niche posts you see here are relatively a new addition to the site. When the pandemic hit hard in 2020, the revenue took a steep fall. Who’d book hotel tickets when everyone’s home-quarantining anyway?

That’s when I decided to build another part of this blog – Something that’d sustain through the pandemic as well. And I chose writing :)

Reason? When not writing, I read. For starters, I publish short stories on Wattpad and Medium, not to mention, I finished writing my third novella (The Ambirace). While I still love reading the infamous must-read Dan Brown novels and easy-to-get Sidney Sheldon thrillers, I love the literature more.

Be it a short novella like the Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote or the timeless Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen, if I get a classic manuscript in my hand, I’ll find a corner to dive into it.

Thus I chose this spot to end up in. Who better to write about writing than a writer?

Traveling as the pandemic subsides

No way I’m not letting the traveling drift away. However, as much as I hate to admit it, I haven’t had the chance to travel much lately.

The one place that I do travel to these days is my living room – from my bedroom. The kitchen too for a quick bite several times a day. But that’s about it. When this pandemic settles down, oh it will be ON!

However, getting back to my University campus as the pandemic subsided, I did travel to some interesting places! I visited parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. But my highlight among them was visiting Ooty.

Oh, you’re still listening? I’m flattered. Besides, here’s a bit about this blog:

Brand Partnerships and Collaborations

With 5000 visitors a month, we’ve come a long way with collaborations and brand partnerships (although partnerships are relatively new to me).

Do you want to ask anything or collaborate with me in some way? Visit the Work with me page to know more or mail me straight away at manas@madmansjourney.com

For guest posting, read the guidelines here.

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Collaborations made on this blog

These are either guest posts, paid posts, or articles by people I know that simply wanted to contribute:

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Collaborations made outside this blog

These collaborations are all about guest posts and posts that I’ve been paid to write:

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