Ah, hi there!

I’m glad you made it here. I’m Manas and let’s cut right to the chase!

While I pursue my bachelor’s degree, I currently work on this blog as a hobby. A zeal for travel and passion for putting words together is what keeps this site going. You’ll find personal travel blogs, in-depth destination guides, and itineraries on various places I’ve visited – parts of Southeast Asia and India.

With a sweet spot for writing stories of all sorts ever since I could hold a pencil, it bloomed into another slice of this blog. Thus the writing tips, guides, and reviews.

People read blog posts to find answers to their questions. Writers create posts to answer them. Where’s the fun in that?

When I put words together, I strive to make the read all worth the time as well.

-the madman

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An Inspiration

“You can’t start a business unless you’re really passionate about a concept, but can’t sustain a business unless you’re equally passionate about the revenue it generates – and that is the conflict I began to hate.”

-Shivya Nath, the Shooting Star
What’s a blog without some social media outreach?

Writing on Medium…

Madmans journey, benefits of solo travel

Over the years of writing, I’ve found Medium to be another great way to express through my words. I don’t really write about travel here, but more about revenue, career, blogging, and overall perspectives of choosing offbeat paths

These articles are less about SEO. I seldom promote anything here. If anything, I believe I write here just out of my love for knitting words together – love for writing stories.

Let’s Get in Touch

Roses are red, Violets are blue. I’d love to hear a Hi from you

I’m always open to new ideas, and collaboration opportunities. I mean, why not? If you think we can work on something together, sure! Hit me up.

Or if you’re simply looking to say hi and have a conversation, that’d be sweet of you.

Either way, you can drop a mail here:

[email protected]

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