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So far, I’ve lived in Indonesia, India, and visited Singapore dozens of times. Considering this my travel blog, there’s yet a long way ahead – tons of places to set foot in. But with an appetite for travel along with writing about them, it’s a start. All the ‘travel guides’ posts on places here are in-depth tips on visiting the place.

They further link out to specific itineraries, things to do, and even personal blogs on the places!

Be it for a backpacking trip or a family vacation, these guides have you covered. The map below highlights all the places you can find on this site. Select the country of your choice:

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Best Destination Guides

While most articles on the map are thorough guides on very specific spots, others are more spontaneous or unexpected releases as well. These include post collaborations and a couple of other writers who’ve contributed to this blog earlier.

However, leaving the clutter of travel guides by various people aside, the below works are some of my best destination guides that’ll help you choose the best places to visit, things to pack, what to expect, and ultimately plan out itineraries!

Latest Guides on the Blog

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Top Travel Resources I Use

Turning 21, I’ve had a lot of adventures in India – I backpacked to the blistering cities of Chirala, Vijayawada, and Chennai and made road trips to the chilly spots like Ooty and Coonoor. Oh, and how about the calming sun of Arambol Beach, Goa?

In 2022, I made a 5-days solo trip to Singapore where it wasn’t all about just a vacation. I learned a lot more about managing my expenses and travel. There’s so much more to it.

The best ways to find cheap accommodations, dealing with locals, commuting from one place to another, and ultimately learning to travel better. These are what make travel resources afterall.

Here are the resources I keep in my pocket whenever it comes to traveling, – sites that I trust and that fascinate me for accommodation, flights and transport, package tours, and travel insurance: – For accommodation, this is my go-to site for cheap stays and a wide range of availabilities. They also offer many other booking facilities like attractions, rental cars, and flights.

HostelWorld – This is my favorite site to book stays from as a traveler. is less known by tourists and more by savvy budget travelers. It’s a great way to find budget stays and other enthusiastic travelers too! – When visiting Asia, particularly the SouthEast Asia, keep this site handy. For the best tour packages, great deals on attractions, restaurants, hotels, car rentals – this is the answer you’re looking for. – This is a very different type of travel resource, but for a traveler in India looking for a down-to-earth experience, interacting with the locals of an offbeat place, exploring nature immersively, make sure to check this out.

How to Travel the World Better

Destination guides are of great help when visiting places. But there’s more to travel. Whether it’s traveling on a tight budget, immersing in an experience, being responsible on your journey, or deciding whether to travel solo, there’s much more to it.

Making yourself a responsible and better traveler not only helps your trip get better but also the locals of the place you visit. Besides, these also can be of sweet stories to read on your trip itself.

Here are a couple of my posts:

Stay tuned. There’s more to come!

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