Why Do I Need Travel Insurance (Easy Guide to getting one)

Why do I need travel insurance – when planning your vacation somewhere, solo traveling, or a tour with your family, there’s always the hitch of getting travel insurance set up.

Traveling to places that you’re familiar with, insurance shouldn’t be worth the price.

But when we speak of new places and when traveling by plane – traveling with travel insurance is a wise choice.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance

Here are things that travel insurance help with:

  1. It covers loss of belongings
  2. Provides customer support at all times
  3. It’s mandatory for some countries
  4. Gives Medical support
  5. Covers third-party damages

You finally have some time off for a vacation. You want a stress-free journey to stretch out and stay away from the hustle and bustle. Who wouldn’t want it?

why do I need travel insurance
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However, things do go wrong. Sometimes, very wrong. Either missing a flight or losing your essentials backpack. That’s where insurance steps in. Here are some reasons to consider getting your travel insurance:

1. It Helps during the Loss of your Belongings

Travel insurance supports you till you retain belongings. In case of loss of passport and other expensive items you hold, it’ll help you get a duplicate or new passport. As for your items, with travel insurance, you’ll be compensated upto an approved sum.

Common items travel insurance covers are:

  • Baggage
  • Essentials
  • Passport and important documents.

Say there’s a delay in getting back your items, travel insurance reimburses you in paying for your personal needs at that time.

These offers differ from one company to another and the insurance package you pick. Premium packages of any travel insurance typically provide 24/7 customer support.

2. Provides Customer Support when you need it

Travel insurance customer support helps you travel to places where you aren’t used to the environment or where it’s difficult to interact with the locals.

As mentioned before, some companies offer these services. Some only assist when you’re in trouble depending on the package you opt for. Travel insurance policy packages come with a lot of options.

You can opt for something particular as getting travel insurance just in case you miss your flight.

When you opt to cover your whole trip – 24/7, the travel insurance customer support is a great friend that’ll guide you throughout.

3. It’s Mandatory for certain countries.

In countries like Thailand, and Switzerland, it’s mandatory for a tourist to carry insurance along with a visa and other documents. You’ll be allowed to purchase from the local area in case you aren’t carrying it.

Some countries have special requirements along with travel insurance, so be sure to do your homework on where you’re going!

When you travel to certain places, you’ll hear your guide telling you to keep your eyes wide open. One reason is that the place is more theft-prone. When exploring crowded spaces on your tour, it’s a great standby.

4. It Provides Medical Support When Needed

You want to travel somewhere when you have a health issue. Be it a serious issue or a minor one, travel insurance covers for you in emergencies.

When visiting a much-developed country/city where expenses for a minor health issue costs two-three folds higher, it has you covered. During life-or-death situations, some travel insurances also offer air ambulance and immediate evacuation.

It assists say some need to have their medical needs attended to in their home country.

  • Note: Travel insurances have a limit to reimburse your expenses as medical assistance isn’t cheap.  Check for your emergency requirements beforehand and enquire about your company. Make sure they cover your needs.

5. Covers damage to a third-party

Third-party refers to someone you’ve caused damage to. It covers your personal responsibility as well. One good example would be of renting a vehicle.

Say you cause damage to another vehicle or property with your rented vehicle – be it a car, bike, or scooter. The insurance reimburses the damaged property.

Especially when visiting Bali or Malaysia, crowded areas that are accident-prone, getting insurance is a must.

More about Travel Insurances

When you’ve already planned on insuring your trip, then this is the first thing to do before packing up. It’ll prove to be the most important part of your travel.

One company’s insurance can be of great help in one country and the same might not work in another. Their services just aren’t worthy in some. The duration of your travel also matters while opting.

Some companies offer great deals and excellent customer support for long-duration travels while others are great for a short trip.


For short journeys, to places, you know well and the trips that don’t require flying, having insurance isn’t necessary.

But for the unchartered waters of your travel, travel insurance is a must. All in all, keeping one handy in of travel always keeps you in safe hands.

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