Kiki Beach Resort Review in Batam

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Kiki Beach resort review: The Kiki Beach Resort in Batam is on the trend for vacation on the ‘gram. The weekends, like many places in Batam, are always sold out. We visited on a Friday because that was the only available option, and boy was it sweet! There aren’t more than 2 dozen rooms here yet and that makes it a quiet getaway spot.

It’s located on Galang Island but there aren’t road routes to the resort unless you’re planning to offroad or take a bike. Kiki Beach has an inclusive boat ride that picks you up from Citi Rasa Seafood, Rempang Island. Does sound like an exotic resort, doesn’t it? Well, here goes all about the Kiki Beach resort review!

kiki beach resort review
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Kiki Beach Resort Review

Without wanting to make you further, I’ll blurt – YES, Kiki Beach Resorts is worth the money.

Kiki Beach Resort is no doubt one of the best resorts I’ve visited in Batam. The quiet air, the friendly staff, food, kayaking and quad bikes, and the aesthetic villa interiors – it’s all worth it! Even the beach sands are great to walk in, but the water isn’t somewhere where kids can plunge into.

When we went, the pool was still under construction, so we didn’t get a chance at it. It’s great for anyone – families, friends, and even couples. I wouldn’t say it’s wheelchair-friendly or for people who find walking tough unless they’re staying in the villas all the time.

Our Sea Villa Stay

There are two villa availabilities – the first on land facing a small lake and the other upon the sea waters with bridge walkways to each villa here. No doubt, everyone would want to stay over the waters with the deck view facing the beach sand and sea waves below – and that’s where we stayed!

Speaking of the villa set up, a simple outdoor seating area welcomes you with a table, a couple of chairs, a waterproof polyester over them, and a hammock.

Upon entering, was a large hexagonal tent with a four-poster canopy bed at the back, a sofa (almost like a single bed) on the side, and comfortable yellow lamps. With the villa actually being a large air-conditioned tent, the ceiling was pointed inwards towards the middle, with a pretty chandelier hanging below it.

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Kiki Beach Resort review: A short clip of the villa room!

There were other elegant small items like the open closet, a kettle, and a minibar all in one piece. There were tables and a large wooden umbrella holder at the entrance.

What I loved the most about the villa were the large floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the hammock deck and the sea beyond.

The bathroom was neat!

I’ve seen amazing hotel rooms with shitty bathrooms, but it was much better than I expected! It had a compact sink, mirror, a toilet bowl, and finally a glass shower place. It was simple but spacious. On one side, It had another floor-to-ceiling window pane viewing the waters below.

Don’t worry, all the floor-to-ceiling window panes in the bathroom and room all have window blinds you can draw. They had the Kiki Beach branding on towels, mats and their body washes lotion.

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Cuisines at Dinner

There isn’t any ‘restaurant’ of sorts – there’s no road connectivity to build one. We’d no choice but to order dinner from the resorts. The staff informed that it cost IDR 30,000 for the food to be delivered to the villa. So we decided on the common eatery – a rustic-themed spot by the beach with glass panes on all sides and wooden decks for floors.

We’d to preorder food in the evening to have it prepared on time. While the food was overpriced, there was so much to eat! It cost around IDR 75,000 for just paratha and chicken curry, but there were a good four pieces served hot with chicken slices in the curry.

We also ordered fried prawns, and chicken (Ayam Goreng), with rice. All of it was served hot with sides vegetables and in a good quantity. It was pretty good! The only bad thing was the Mango Milkshake my mom got. My brother got a hot chocolate drink at last, and it was the best of all!

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kiki beach eatery
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Kiki Beach resort review: Here’s where we eat!

The hot chocolate is a must-try here. The bill, in the end, was around IDR 300,000 – a little high but still sweet.

For couples: There was a young couple who’d come along. While we had dinner at the eatery, the resorts had arranged a beautiful dining spot on a private deck with lamps, candlelights, and a lit heart frame just steps before the beach waves. It seemed like a perfect honeymoon spot!

kiki beach dinner
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The dinner spot.

Beach Shores and Kayaking

Speaking of the beach itself, the sands were amazing. Some families played volleyball here. It was great to walk in the evenings. But the water was dirty. It wasn’t a divable spot – I found mudskippers jumping around on the shore rocks.

It was, however, fine for kayaking. This didn’t cost extra – it was all part of the accommodation. A bunch of kayaks, oars, and life jackets was at our disposal. We all kayaked once in the evening and early morning the next day.

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My Recommended Resorts in Batam

These are some resorts spread all over Batam with some at Sekupang and Nongsa. These are resorts I’ve visited and stayed, in and found definitely worth the price ranges:

If you’ve got your own resort in mind, search for the best deals on your preferred dates. Here’s a search bar I built for you to find your stays – hurry and get your accommodation today!

Friendly-Staff at Kiki Beach

Most of the reviews about Kiki were about its kind staff. I couldn’t agree more. All the staff members were kind and homely. All of them were young boys who took care of the boat ride to the island, the meal service, and even helping with the kayaks.

At dinner, we talked to one of the boys and we found out his name was Kiki! How coincidental is that! We asked him if he owned the place. He said, “No, but I have a feeling it was named after me. I’d be lucky if they hand me the resort!” And we laughed.

All the staff spoke English which helped many foreign tourists.

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arriving at kiki beach
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Kiki Beach Resort review: The staff was hospitable throughout.

Kiki Beach Itinerary

There isn’t much of an itinerary, but the resorts do have rigid check-in and out timings. They informed us to be at the Citi Rasa restaurant before 10:45 am for pickup. I drove no more than an hour from my house in Taman Dutamas to get over to Rempang Island. We got there early and found a shabby parking place – there wasn’t any other space.

The boat came on time as mentioned at 10:40 am. The timing will be briefed – the resort determines based on the tide for the boat ride.

The boat ride and Welcome drink

We were briefed by the staff and boarded the boat. It was a calm 1-hour ride passing by islands to Galang Island. The boat itself was moderately comfortable. We were gestured on the decks with a welcome drink – a glass of tamarind drink, it was nice!

It was already lunchtime but we had already eaten a lot before coming. So we just skipped lunch and relaxed at the resort till the evening. Keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to bring your own food along apart from snacks. Kiki Beach briefs and charges a fine if caught.

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The evening was our fun time with the beach, wandering and getting some resort shots on the camera, and kayaking.

Beach Nightwalk and Karaoke

Then we went back to get freshened up and come back for dinner. After dinner around 8:30 or so, my dad and I walked around the beach and sat at the seats looking at the waves for a while. Talked for a bit before everyone get ready for bed.

I’d laid down and was ready to sleep when I heard music playing from the beach. I went back to the beach alone around 10 to see what was going on – and I’m glad I did. It was karaoke – a staff member singing Hindi songs! He saw me approaching, and he ushered me in laughing, “Come on, come on!”

So we found a few songs and sang together loud enough for all the villas to hear. Coming back around 11:00 pm, I laid down on the hammock outside – it was a pleasant night :)

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night at kiki beach
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Kiki Beach Resort Review: Night at Kiki Beach

Morning Kayak and Breakfast

kiki beach morning walk
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Kiki Beach resort review: Morning walk at Kiki Beach

The next morning, my dad and I went kayaking for an hour before having breakfast. It began raining cats and dogs so we had to walk slowly on the bridge. Coming back, we had to wait sometime as they wouldn’t depart in the rain.

We packed up and left around 10:30 am.

Kiki Beach Itinerary in Summary

  1. Arrive at Citi Rasa Restaurant on the resort’s specified timings for pickup.
  2. Have lunch and relax till the evening
  3. Spend time at the beach, go kayaking
  4. Freshen up and have dinner
  5. Take a walk and karaoke
  6. Sleep!
  7. Wake up and go for breakfast!
  8. Pack up and settle bills before checking out
  9. Take a boat ride back to the Citi Rasa restaurant.
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Lying down on the hammock was my favorite part.
kiki beach resort review
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Heavy rain while we got back on the boat – it was some ride.

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