Best Things to Do in Genting Highlands for 2 Days

Things to do in Genting Highlands, Malaysia: I visited Genting Highlands when I was young. The number of rides, activities and other stuff to do here is endless. Malaysia itself is a fun place and the Genting Highlands make up for a cherry on top.

The first place that we visited in Malaysia was Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands in a synopsis is a large tourist attraction built on a hill station at the peaks of Titiwangsa mountains, Malaysia. Managed by Resorts World Genting, it boasts large indoor and outdoor theme parks along with a number of stay facilities at the hilltop.

Here’s all about the things to do in Genting Highlands!

How to Get to Genting Highlands

Get there either by bus or cable car. However, we came to know of the cable car option much later. So we boarded a bus from Kuala Lumpur International Airport directly up Genting Highlands. For the cable car, from the Kuala Lumpur bus, get off at the Awana Bus terminal where you’ll begin your 10 minutes cable car ride to the top.

For the cable car, book your e-tickets online to avoid unnecessary queues. Klook offers cable car e-tickets for discounted prices – check it out below!

There are many buses to take you to the spot and you can board from different places as well. Check out this list of Aerobus timings, ticket prices, and more that I found to get to Genting Highlands.

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Things to do in Genting Highlands: The bus ride to the hilltop

Anyway, I slept through the bus ride as the flight from Singapore was a tiring one. I had a jacket on the bus and the air kept getting more chilly. We thought the air-conditioner was working on full fledge. With no option but to bear the cold, we hoped it’d get better once we alighted the bus.

But the twist was when we alighted the bus: The air was twice colder when we stepped out! I turned around and saw if I could get back on the bus. It was gone. I strongly suggest you pull over some thick jackets when you visit the Highlands.

Genting Highland Packages

There are many places to book your Genting highlands theme park tickets. Local agencies and online sites. Booking directly on the official Genting Skyworlds is a great option. Genting Highlands recommends booking online tickets to avoid queues and for the best experience.

Make sure to book from trusted sites like and Klook. Since we’re a partner of Klook, our readers get better-discounted tickets. Get your tickets to the Skytropolis Indoor Theme park and Outdoor park on Klook here! (Third option is a Genting Pass where you can opt for multiple attractions for one good deal)

I’ve been to both Skytropolis and Skyworlds theme parks and I recommend visiting both. Although the Skytropolis is best for only kids’ rides.

Things to do in Genting highlands: A night at First World Hotel

Don’t worry, this is a day trip! We spent the night on Genting Highlands, but our day of exploring began the next day. We booked a room in the First World Hotel – supposed the world’s largest hotel with over 7000 rooms.

Anyway, we were super tired from the day’s traveling so we didn’t bother wandering around.

Accommodations at Genting Highlands

After having dinner at a restaurant in the hotel, we went straight to our room. It was a modest bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling glass window on one side overlooking the theme park. I pulled the curtains aside only to see the mist clouded outside. My parents assured me it would clear the next morning and we would be able to see the park.

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Things to do in Genting Highlands

The next morning wasn’t any better. The sun was up and we still couldn’t see anything from the panes apart from faint white sunlight barely making it through the glass panes.

1. Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

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Things to do in Genting Highlands: Indoor theme park

I had seen the huge roller coaster and a Ferris Wheel on the outside and believed there couldn’t be anything fun to do on the inside.

Inside, I am talking about Skytropolis’s indoor theme park. And oh my, I turned out wrong! It was endless with the rides it had to offer!

And it wasn’t just for kids. There was a casino on one side where I tried to get in and eventually got pushed out. A super-realistic scary house to which we would be taken by a slow cranky funicular train. There were indoor rollercoasters, and so on. However, I ended up playing on little merry-go horses.

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Things to Do in Genting Highlands: The tiny me back then

There was also indoor skydiving- which I couldn’t get into either. But hey, I did get on an indoor Ferris Wheel, Bumper car, and even a Columbus :)

2. Skyworlds Outdoor Theme Park

While the indoor theme had bumper cars, the outdoor theme park had bumper boats! Each was for a single person. For me, this was the most fun part of our Genting Highlands day trip. Apart from this, there was a bigger Ferris Wheel that we got on. Yep, I am obsessed with them- I just feel they’re majestic in a manner.

And then there was the huge roller coaster that I’d dreamed of going on for a long time. So I went up there along with my dad and stood in the queue for a while.

To which they said I was not tall enough for the ride. Damn it! Height doesn’t matter in life, right?- but somehow it did in a theme park.

I had no choice but to reside with a much smaller roller coaster not far from the big one. I never had been on one. But when I went on the smaller roller coaster, I was glad I made it back alive!

And then there was the ghost train. You see that happy little kid sitting below there? That’s me. He wasn’t smiling so much when the ride was over. The ghost train was basically a scary house with no walking involved. In other words, a scary house for lazy people.

ghost train genting highlands
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Things to Do in Genting Highlands: A ghost train!

Back to Kuala Lumpur

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Things to do in Genting Highlands

When you’re visiting Genting Highlands in Malaysia any time later, keep in mind that a day isn’t enough to get around for all the fun. Take at least two. We didn’t know that and we already had to be back in Kuala Lumpur the very same night. On the bright side, we weren’t done with Malaysia.
We yet had to visit the Petronas Tower and Batu Caves. The day trip to Genting Highlands was our first stop. We visited the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur and the Batu Caves later. Hope you have a great time there! And do tell me about it.

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We didn’t have any trouble communicating there as we could understand Malay as it’s similar to Bahasa Indonesia. Check out this article on my blog for some basics of Bahasa Indonesia.

Things to do in Genting Highlands – *This post contains affiliate link(s) where I receive a commission at no additional cost of the products to you. I only recommend products that I trust.

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