Indonesia Visa for Indians: A Detailed Guide to Scoring One!

indonesia visa for indians
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Indonesia Visa for Indians – I’ve lived in Indonesia for 8 years and my parents have lived there for over a decade now. Young then, I never bothered peeping at the essential documents for traveling. No, I was more into peeping at the skies from the airplane’s window seat.

While I stayed in a less-touristy city in Indonesia, there’s a good reason why millions (over 15 million) visit this tropical Southeast Asian country EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

While Bali is the most popular island here among 17,000 islands in Indonesia, the whole country itself is worth traveling to. For its active volcanic mountains, exotic beaches, rich heritage and culture, the local lifestyle, thick tropical rainforests, and offbeat snorkeling spots – all of it’s worth getting a Visa to Indonesia from India.

indonesia Visa for Indians, bali visa for indians
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Indonesia Visa for Indians – this is an old old picture :)

Now with the necessity of solo travel, here’s a guide to getting an Indonesia Visa for Indians. With the current pandemic, it’s close to impossible to travel to Indonesia, especially for Indians.

I’d advise you to avoid visiting even when the restrictions lift until the pandemic resides further. Regarding it, I’ve put up the pandemic section for Indonesia visas first. Skip it in case you’re already aware.

Indonesia Visa for Indians – Covid-19 Restrictions

As of July 2021, Indonesia Visa isn’t available for tourists from travelers who’ve been in India for the past 14 days. Only Indonesians returning to their country and foreigners with work permits have a chance of getting a visa.

Also, I don’t recommend visiting Indonesia until the pandemic resides with a stable benchmark. With the current scenario – there are heavy flight charges and hotel quarantine charges.

Note: The following section of this article isn’t applicable during COVID-19. Stay updated with current travel restrictions in Indonesia.

How to Get Indonesia Visa for Indians

You don’t need a visa to travel to Indonesia from India and many other countries for less than 30 days. Get a Visa-exemption stamp at the Immigration counter for free and you’re good to go! For visits longer than 30 days, the cheapest way to get a visa is to apply on arrival.

Anyway, here’s the best way to apply for Indonesia Visa for longer visits:


Indonesia, being a popular tourist country, allows many countries including India to get Visa-on-arrival. Once you land in the airport, walk to the immigration section and apply for it.

Things you’ll need to have to apply for the visa are:

  1. A valid passport from at least 6 months prior to the date of entry. Make sure it has a blank page for the visa.
  2. The travel ticket for proof
  3. Explain the reason for your visit
  4. Finally, the Visa fee depends on your choice of Visa.

Apply for an e-Visa or through the Indonesian Embassy – This is the hard way to get an Indonesia Visa. But it’s an option :)

Types of Visas for More than 30 days in Bali

For Indonesia Visa for Indians for longer durations, here are the types to choose from:

  1. Tourist Visa. This is visa-free for Indians. But for a longer duration trip, opt for an on-arrival visa.
  2. Business Visa
  3. Long Term Visa
indonesia visa for indians, bali visa for indians
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These are only options for over 30 days period of stay. But for those visiting Bali, 30 days should be more than sufficient for a traveler’s thirst.

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Best Way to Get to Indonesia from India

The next question is about getting to Indonesia. To the ones flying straight to Bali for a holiday shouldn’t be a trouble. But for those traveling to a package trip of visiting countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines in one go, there are better ways.

Most tourists look forward to visiting Bali rather than most of Indonesia. While it’s one of the world’s best tourist destinations, there are many more beautiful places and rich cultures to experience in Indonesia. But for this guide’s sake, let’s talk of Bali:

Flight from India to Bali

Is there a direct flight from India to Bali? There is no direct flight from India to Bali. The best way to fly to Bali from India is to take a connecting flight from Jakarta, Malaysia, or Singapore.

For budget flight prices, take connecting flights from Malaysia or Jakarta as it’s are generally cheaper than Singapore.

As I live in Batam that’s only 20 km away from Singapore and hold a multi-entry Singapore visa, I took a flight via Changi Airport in Singapore. For those looking to visit more than one Southeast Asian country (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines), I’d recommend scoring a Singapore Visa too (It costs 30 SGD).

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Get a Singapore Visa when Visiting Indonesia along with other SEA countries.

Here’s the best way to make use of your Singapore Visa:

  •  Singapore Visa is valid for 2 years and allows 30 days stay in its country. The best way to use it is to take flights through Changi Airport to other countries.
  • For example, you can take a flight from India to Singapore.
  • From Singapore to Indonesia, take a connecting flight to your destination. Also, consider using the ferry from HarbourFront Singapore to get to Indonesia (This is only to visit certain Indonesian islands).
  • To visit Malaysia, the cheapest way is by taking a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Flying is also another option – but pricey.
  • Lastly, visit Singapore – one of the most beautiful countries in Asia! Protip: Some places you shouldn’t miss are Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, and Universal Studios Singapore.

As we make many trips in a year across India and Indonesia, getting a Singapore Visa is the best (and cheapest) way.

Note: With the pandemic, scoring a Singapore visa is tough. And it’s a big no for tourism purposes.

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