Budget Homestays in Dandeli

There are tons of hotels and homestays to choose from in Dandeli. After all, it’s one of the highlights of Karnataka’s eco-tourism. To help you pick your perfect stay, here are the best budget homestays in Dandeli.

This post shall help you choose the best (and cheap) homestay package along with various activities with a clear view of what’s included and what’s not.

When I visited Dandeli with some friends, we didn’t have money from our own pockets thus we had to plan a budget package for our Dandeli trip. Thus, I thought this post will reach out to more who wish to plan a budget trip to Dandeli for the best activities.

Best Budget Homestays in Dandeli

For budget travelers like me, kids looking to travel with their buds, and backpackers, here are some of the cheap homestays. I recommend using Booking.com as they allow payment upon arrival and give clear a picture of their best stays.

I handpicked the best ones with decent features worth paying for – go check out their pricing on Booking.com!

Stay Name

Distance from City

Booking includes:

Check Availability

Rs. 2000-2600

Wild West

0.4 km

  • All Meals Included

  • Tent Stay

Dandeli Jungle Homestay

2.1 km

  • Breakfast Included

  • Private Bathroom

Jerry Homestay

14.6 km

  • Breakfast Included

  • Private Bathroom

Over the years, Dandeli’s tourism has grown rapidly and thus has its accommodation facilities ranging from budget tent stays, and jungle camp stays, to luxurious resorts.

These are only a few of the stays I found great for a budget stay. With Booking.com having the widest range of accommodation available in Dandeli, I’d recommend finding your best one on the site.

Budget Homestays in Dandeli with Activities

Dandeli’s a perfect weekend getaway spot in Karnataka for its nature spots, Kali river sports activities, white water rafting, and jungle trekking.

While booking your accommodation and opting for activities packages separately is possible, another option is to book a package including activities, inclusive meals, and stay. Read my Dandeli itinerary planning and plan your custom trip accordingly.

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Best budget homestays in Dandeli

Some riverside homestays/accommodations and resorts like the River Edge Homestay and Whistling Woodzs have the activities close by and are typically inclusive of the water activities, but most homestays charge extra.

However, some homestays that are close to nature offer packages for budget travelers and also care about sustainability than only profiting. I stayed in one such homestay myself on my Dandeli trip called the Dandeli Jungle Stay.

These homestays are better booked on their own sites rather than from big accommodation sites like MakeMyTrip. Here are some such authentic homestays to search for the best nature and local experiences:

  • Kadumane Homestay
  • Dandeli Crocodile Edge homestay
  • Madhuvan Homestay
  • Nadi mane
  • Amara Homestay
  • Teju Kutir
  • Hakki Mane Homestay

Why Homestay over Hotels?

The simplest reason to choose homestays over hotels is that it’s cheaper. But a homestay gives a more local experience with its people. They’re more sustainable properties. Homestays are typically hosted by local families looking to make extra revenue.

Most budget package trips to Dandeli these days are inclusive of homestays anyhow. So was our last trip to Dandeli from Bangalore.

People are more hospitable here, making their guests feel at home. The meals at authentic homestays are home-cooked meals prepared by the families or locals themselves.

Downsides: However, it comes with its own set of downsides such as frequent power cuts, smaller spaces to stay in, and no assurance of cleanliness. It all goes on how one communicates and gets to know the locals better.

In conclusion, homestays in Dandeli are best for bachelors and teenagers. The resorts are better off for families looking to take a break. I’d prefer to take a Jungle Homestay in Dandeli dipping in all the water activities with the local kids when I travel alone or just with friends.

But I’d also prefer to stay at a resort with all the exotic watersports, Dandeli Jungle Safari, and fire camps if I’m going with family.

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Best Budget homestays in Dandeli

My Favorite Resorts in Dandeli

Budget homestays in Dandeli. Speaking of resorts, there are a variety of resorts to choose from in Dandeli for all price ranges. To help you pick the best resort (and for my next Dandeli trip), I found some sweet resorts and sorted them with their pricing, amenities, and distance from the city from Booking.com.

Here are my favorite resorts in Dandeli – I hope this list helps you pick your perfect resort!

Stay Name

Distance from City

Booking includes:

Check Availability

Nadi Mane Resort

1.6 km

  • All Meals

  • Beside river with inclusive water sports

  •  Balcony view

Shreeyog Inn

3.8 km

  • All Meals

  • Children's Playground

  • Balcony View

Under Rs. 6000

Magenta Resort

4.2 km

  • Breakfast Included

  • Watersport Activities

  • Swimming pool

  • Tent Stay

Starling River Resort


  • All Meals

  • Outdoor Pool

  • Live Music and Outdoor Sports

  •  Balcony view

Under Rs. 4000

Dandeli Deer Haven

1.6 km

  • Breakfast Included

  • Swimming Pool

  • Spa

  •  Balcony view

Best Budget Stays in Dandeli: Tailpiece

That sums up this post on the budget stays in Dandeli – my favorite stays. Dandeli’s special for its serenity and greens and without a stay that offers forest views, it’s not worth it.

Luckily, most homestays and resorts are placed inside these calm spots so it shouldn’t be a problem to pick one. If you’re specific about staying by the Kali river regardless of pricing, that’s available too. Well, that all depends on what sort of traveler you are.

Be it a solo traveler or someone who’s out with a bunch of friends. All of it has its perks!

I hope this article helped you find your accommodation for your Dandeli trip :)

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