Top 11 Cafes in Dharwad

This week is by far is the busiest one I’ve had for ages. One of the craziest too – drinking chocolate in three cafes in two days without a gap and a sandwich in another! This brings us to talk about the top cafes in Dharwad.

‘Top’ wouldn’t be the exact word, but these are the most known cafes in Dharwad. Any teenager living here and around would know about them. I’ll tell you the tale of how I ended up writing about cafes later, but first, let’s get right to it!

Top Cafes in Dharwad

Many cafes are still coming up and a few small ones breathe here and there, but these are some of the must-visit top cafes in Dharwad. If you have more cafes in mind, be sure to comment below, let’s talk about it!

1. Creamy Beans

The first option that comes to my mind when I want a cold coffee is Creamy Beans. Located on Kelgeri Road amidst a residential area, the cozy spot makes it a perfect spot away from the hustle-and-bustle to catch up with a friend or two.

While the place warms up fast when there are one too many people in, I can never help but sit in for at least an hour. The cold coffee makes it all the more soothing. Moreover, the prices are fair, not too less, and totally worth it.

While it’s great to dine in, Creamy Beans is best known for quick bites. Check it out on Zomato here, paneer pizza (my favorite kind) is one of their bestsellers!

2. The Chocolate Room

The famous Chocolate Room franchise is now in Dharwad! This came in new not long ago and within a year it has customers flooding in every evening already. Be it the chocolate puddings, the ice cream or their pancakes, the quality of their dishes served is impeccable.

I visited it a week ago and though with its expensive rates, I wasn’t disappointed with it. Speaking of the atmosphere, it’s by far the best I’ve come across in Dharwad.

While being compact, the plush interiors with trendy seating arrangements all around make it look crazy rich. Of course, the brilliant lightings add up to its allure.

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3. CRB Cafe

CRB Cafe, also known as the Crossroads Biztro is another cafe with homely vibes more than anything else. The dim warm lights and the wall graffiti are what make the place aesthetic. Although there are a handful of tables, that’s what makes it sweet – keeping it chill.

If you’re hanging out there, be sure to try out the vanilla ice cream sandwich (around Rs.100). The way the cold vanilla melts in your mouth along with the hot grilled sandwich is mindblowing! That’s one thing I can never miss out on.

Oh, by the way, I talked with the person in charge at the CRB cafe and requested to make a guitar performance – and they agreed! That’s live music right there! However, I haven’t had time for it. To proceed, it’d take time to figure out the set-up and stuff. I’ll let you know if I ever go ahead with it!

Location: (Besides the gas station near NTTF), Mahishi Rd, Shivpuri Colony, Malmaddi, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001

4. Peace Cafe

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I’ve been waiting to talk about this one. More of a brag actually, I performed live at Peace Cafe on December 13 and boy was it a hell of an experience!

Just look at my coolness there. Anyway, back to Peace Cafe. One of my old friends stood behind the reception counter at the place. After talking to him for a while, here’s what I found out.

It turns out Peace Cafe is relatively new compared to the other cafes – it’s been open only for a year now. Though laid out on the outskirts of Dharwad, it has managed to gain traction considerably fast. What makes Peace Cafe stand apart is the spaciousness and art dripping all over. If you’ve seen Instagram posts with angel wings on the wall behind the person, chances are it’s taken here.

Last but not least, I love the privacy that Peace Cafe offers to its customers with various seating arrangements to choose from.

5. Stardom Cafe

It takes a little effort to find this cafe hidden over on the first floor of a complex. Luckily, it’s right by the main road to Hubli. Entering through the building’s basement, it gives enough space for decent parking for your vehicle.

However, once in, you’re stowed away from the traffic’s noise and you step into good music and hospitable staff. With plush sofas around, it offers an ideal coffee cafe set up where you can sit for hours with a group of friends. Lightings are not super-bright, I daresay it should be a decent place for a date.

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a birthday, the cafe further offers facilities for such events and aid in decorations.

6. Brewberrys

Make sure you visit Brewberrys ‘cafe’. The same entrance leads to two completely different feasting zones. One is Tadka – a restaurant where you get meal courses, the other open area dining space would be Brewberrys (When you see what can appear as a treehouse at a corner, that’s the right spot).

While Brewberrys is best for pasta, burgers, and sandwiches, it boasts its ambiance with greenery all around it. I’ve heard that now they have a shop for plants and accessories, but haven’t seen them myself.

Speaking of pricing, it’s expensive. The last time I checked in with three of my friends (where I paid the bill), I ended up spending 900 bucks or so that afternoon. But it’s worth a shot once in a while.

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7. Ice Zone

I’ve been to Ice Zone one too many times now. Well, it’s one of the nearest cafes to visit – that’s one reason. The other one is the paneer rolls they make. If I remember right, the 80 rupees heated rolls don’t just taste good, the size of it is sufficient for dinner.

Okay, maybe I can still have an apple later, but you get the point. They make HUGE rolls.

The other times when some of my buddies come along with barely a 100 rupee note amongst the four of us, we go for something lighter. In the same cafe(however a different counter), you get samosas, vada pavs, Gobi Manchurian, and the rest that comes under that list. These start as low as 15 bucks, something we crave when we visit too often.

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8. Momo’s

This place isn’t as blown up as the other cafes in Dharwad and the ratings on it are rather mediocre. But this food joint deserves a shoutout. Apart from their finger-licking good momos, the non-mainstream ambiance is a soothing vibe of its own kind.

With moderate lighting and humble pop music (Jeremy Zucker’s album was playing throughout my time there), it makes a great spot for us – teenagers to hang out once in a while.

But I’ll be honest, the cold coffee I ordered was a terrible one. I had to ask for sugar – which didn’t make it any better. So my friends finally came up with a great idea… to add whatever drink we had on the table into it. Yep, it gets worse. After adding some Mountain Dew and ketchup to a coffee,  the waiter who served us thought we were retarded.

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9. Blue Bell

Blue Bell is more of a restaurant – not a cafe. Since cafes in Dharwad are something relatively new popping up and this one’s new as well, it’s best if I include it. Being new explains the very few reviews you’ll find on this place.

This restaurant seems to have had its trouble. It’s a walkable distance from where I live and I’ve seen it open and close for some time. Speaking of food, the rates are high. If you’re buying ice cream, they can charge you a lot more than its MRP (I’ve tried it). Why I really included this restaurant here is because of the calmness of the place.

Located in between a peaceful residential area and the large luxuriously lit lawn in the middle of the restaurant with tables around it on both sides brings out its beauty. The place is so private even with no real roof over the tables.

10. S Cafe

I hadn’t tried out this cafe earlier, so I paid a visit for this post. So here’s how it goes: S Cafe is a sweet spot. But that’s about it. While choosing your tables, make sure to pick the first cafe space (with a view) you walk by – the second one’s congested.

Any kid that’s familiar with food restaurants in Dharwad would know this place. Thus the need to put this on the list. However, it’s perfect for just a hangout. The food is okayish. Just make sure you don’t buy any cold drinks, they just aren’t worth it.

Apart from it, it’s a great place for a small gathering or a celebration – they offer a separate space for such.

Other Spots in Dharwad

All the cafes I mentioned are cafes in Dharwad that everyone knows about. Some are older than others and authentic. Some are competing and steadily coming up. Apart from this, there are a lot of smaller ones. Chotu cafe that popped up some time ago would be another example. But I decided to keep the list simple and to the most familiar ones.

Also, check out the lists of the cafes in Dharwad on Tripadvisor and JustDial.

Have a cafe in mind that should be on this list? Hit it below in the comment section, we’ll talk about it!

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Cafes in Dharwad

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