10 Best Cycling Trails in Bangalore: Offbeat City Biking Paths

Best Cycling trails in Bangalore: It hasn’t been long since I’ve begun cycling in Bangalore. It has been a little over a month, but I’ve learned that people in Bangalore are crazy about cycling. To match it, Bangalore’s got some of the best cycling trails – many of the city’s trails are of roads with green canopies.

Compared to other cities and towns I’ve lived in Karnataka, I’d prefer cycling in Bangalore for its safe routes and cycling communities. Plus, with so many cyclists around, there’s no supply deficit for various cycling accessories from multiple brands.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a long-distance cyclist, here are some lists of routes I put together. Here goes my post on the best cycling trails in Bangalore!

Best Cycling Trails in Bangalore

I’ve put together some of my favorite cycling routes. Others I’ve yet to check out but are considered to be some beautiful cycling trips. On one side, there are the obvious popular cycling routes like the Nandi Hills and others might be offbeat and can be known to the few living in that locality.

So if you’ve some secret cycling trails you ponder about in Bangalore, feel free to mail or comment below, I’ll be happy to add them all to the list. As of today, here’s my list of the best cycling trails in Bangalore.

  1. Nandi Hills
  2. Kempegowda Airport
  3. Cubbon Park
  4. Mysore Road – Manchanabele Dam and Big-banyan Tree
  5. Hesaraghatta and Rajankunte
  6. Bharatiya City
  7. Kanakapur Road
  8. Thattekere
  9. Sarjapur Road – Narayankere
  10. Turrahalli Forest

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Best cycling trails in Bangalore: Cycling to Akkayamma Betta for the first time

1. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is the most revered cycling route and no travel site misses mentioning it when it comes to Bangalore tourism. No, it’s not overrated. It’s worth every pedal on your spokes. The roads are a smooth run throughout the trail from Bangalore, the curve pins to the hilltop, and the route via the Bellary Service Rd.

Like most cycling routes, the best time to go cycling here is in the morning. With an immense distance of 60 km from the heart of Bangalore and 43 km from Yelahanka, start cycling before dawn to avoid the daylight heat. With the route being way off the city, the roads are roomy with lush green on either side once you pass by the first toll from Bangalore.

Cycling to Nandi Hills is one option. Another is getting there at its foothills and then renting out bicycles for the curve pin ride up the hills. This is no doubt expensive, but Bangalore being Bangalore – there are rental services that’ll deliver the cycle to your preferred location. Icycle is one option.

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Best cycling trails in Bangalore: On my way to Nandi Hills… but never made it.

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2. Kempegowda International Airport (KIA)

En route to the Nandi Hills trail via the Bangalore, Hyderabad highway is a much nearer cycling trail, the Kempegowda International Airport. Passing by the first toll booth on the highway, I realized I’d just crossed a magnificent flyover taking vehicles to the right.

Excitingly enough, I found that Bangalore’s airport has been open to cyclists on Sundays. With the secure cycle parking facility mentioned, I’m tempted to check it out soon!

3. Cubbon Park

This is by far my favorite spot for cycling in the city. Even living 25 kilometers from the lush park couldn’t stop me from visiting it for 3 continuous weekends. What makes the Cubbon park route special is its not-so-dusty roads, trees everywhere you go, and the dedicated cycling and skating lanes for the weekends.

And yes, not to mention the tons of other cyclists and like-minded people here makes it a sweet hub to make some friends. Keep in mind that cycling isn’t allowed between 5 am – 8 am on weekdays.

cubbon park sunday cycling
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Cubbon Park: My favorite all-time spot, plus the pictures come out really good here!

The only time slot best for cyclists is on Sunday as it’s closed for motorized vehicles but cyclists can hop in after 8 am.

4. Manchanabele Dam

Another route lying on the outskirts of South Bangalore is the popular Manchanabele dam – a nature trail. While the maps show a straight route via the Mysore Road, BumsOntheSaddle suggests its narrower and more scenic path for cycling.

Don’t fret, it isn’t an off-road track. You can take your road bikes as well but the pathways are narrower, calmer, and ultimately better for cyclists. Avoid the Mysore road as much as possible. Here’s the Strava cycling route for Manchanabele Dam.

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5. Hesaraghatta and Rajankunte

Towards the north of Bangalore but away from the Bellary Road and its airport side is the other end – Hesarghata. The local place itself is a getaway spot for cyclists for its scenic local experience. If you’re finding your route’s end, the infamous Hesaraghatta should do it.

As for Rajankunte’s mention along with this trail, this is en route Hesarghatta from the Dodaballapur main Road. It can serve as another lush offbeat spot for cyclists. I’d recommend cycling in groups or at least when people are around in case of cycle breakdown and most importantly, safety.

6. Bharatiya City

Have you wandered around the lanes of Bharatiya City’s residential hub and the mall? I’ve been there half a dozen times and can’t help but notice my wheels couldn’t spin smoother. With the whole recent build, well-designed layouts with some priority for greenery and ponds by the road, I had to put it on this list.

It’s neither a full-fledge foliage ride like Cubbon Park nor a hot Highway flyover ride with cars zooming by. It’s a quiet spot with the right touch of greens and no doubt makes up for an exhilarating experience.

From here, I’ve yet to cover the next trails on the list. Nonetheless, I’ve filled in a brief description of the places based on other cycling route reviews for now.

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Best cycling trails in Bangalore

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7. Kanakapur Road

The Kanakapur/Kanakapura Road is more of a professional route if you’re looking to cover the whole 104 km length. But it’s great for shorter trips as well with lesser traffic. Ultimately, that’s all cyclists look for. Speaking of cyclists, the Kanakapura road is popular among cyclists in Bangalore.

8. Thattekere

Thattekere is the closest shot to Kanakapura Road. It’s not a long route like the Kanakapur stretch. It’s a shorter trip via the Harohalli Rd. for a tranquil ride. As the name suggests, Thattekere’s got ‘kere’ in its name – meaning lake in Kannada. Sure enough, there’s a tiny lake that makes up a sweet destination after your cycling.

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Best cycling trails in Bangalore: Getting bicycle stuff from Decathlon.

9. Sarjapur Road – Narayankere Lake

I found this cycle route on a website and made some research on it. It seems like someone (perhaps a cyclist if I’m not mistaken) trod down a pathway and found a sweet little paradise. Looking it up, it does make a sound route from the Sarjapur-Maratha Halli Road (Around 30 km from the main road depending on the path you choose).

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10. Turrahalli Forest

Another rich spot for hiking and cycling is one of the few national forests in Bangalore the Turrahalli Forests. Like any forest, riding your bike is only allowed to certain extents. With the soiled air around here, I’d say it’s less of a road bike’s pathway and more for mountain bikes.

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Best cycling trails in Bangalore: I recently participated in a cycling competition, just had to put it out there!

Best Cycling Trails in Bangalore: Shorter Cycling Trails

All the trails I put on the best cycling trails in Bangalore are long cycling routes in Bangalore with at least 20 km of biking. Cubbon Park’s cycling route is the only exception with its ride being more of in the spot rather than to it.

To those looking for shorter casual cycle rides in the city, here are some pleasing streets to cycle in the city.

  1. Church Street and MG Road
  2. Bangalore University
  3. Race Course and Bhavan Road cycling lanes
  4. Jayanagar-Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The Race Course and Bhavan Road cycling are by far my favorite streets. Under the cool canopies of trees throughout, there are dedicated green lanes by the road just for cycling. The lanes run around Bhavan Road and lead to Cubbon park.

vidhana soudha cycling
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Best Cycling Trails in Bangalore: Cycling by Bhavan Road and Vidhana Soudha

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Before you Begin Pedalling (particularly to the newbies)

I’d to put this out because I’ve been cycling for only a month now. Yet, I can warn you that cycling is an addiction, as much as traveling is. The one tiny 20 kilometers-or-so trip you make gets you hooked real fast. First, you dive into roaming places, then you look out for better cycling accessories, and down you go the pothole.

While I trod down this hole myself, I love where I’m headed. It’s an expensive sideline but a sport that keeps you active and lively. To those who haven’t tried, go for it! It’s an experience worth getting addicted to :)

Apart from the whole best cycling trails in Bangalore story, here’s an announcement – so drumroll… one, two, three, this blog has been rated on the top 60 travel blogs in Asia by FeedSpot! It was a nostalgic moment when they mailed me right away upon being on the list.

I’ve been running this nest of travel guides, itineraries, and a lot of my adventure stories. Hat tip to my readers. If you’re new to reading my stuff, I’d love to have you on the tribe as well!

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Best cycling trails in Bangalore

Tips for Cycling and Getting one in Bangalore

I’ll keep this short. This post is no more than listing out the best cycling trails in Bangalore but here are some essentials you ought to know before you cycle – itsy bitsy stuff to remember:

  • Get your cycling gear! Whether it’s an electric bike or a simple gear cycle, roads are noisy wherever you go in Bangalore with literally ALL types of reckless drivers. So make sure to at least get a helmet and cycling glasses. Road bike cyclists know this well.
  • Ride early. Mornings are simply sweet for everything and so is the same for cycling. Most importantly, it avoids the heat and traffic.
  • Hit the highways. Though the inner alleys get you places faster, I’d recommend taking the main roads even if you’re riding a Rockrider or a generally heavy trek cycle. Tiny roads get confusing with all the flyovers in Bangalore.

Cycling Buying Guide with VFM

For a beginner who’s looking to put some money into buying a cycle, a good range is Rs. 12,000 – 20,000. The type of bicycle completely depends on you. Road bikes are more efficient for high-speed road cycling while giant cycles are best for off-road and rougher terrain.

For long-distance cycling, I recommend road bikes or hybrid cycles. If an MTB is on your mind, pick a gear cycle for handling elevation pedaling.

Some of the popular brands around Bangalore with VFM (Value for Money) where any cycle should do fine without understanding its specifications are Btwin by Decathlon, Firefox cycles, and Polygon cycles. The premium segments are undoubtedly expensive, but I’ve tried the Triban series, and it’s definitely worth it.

However, if you’re desperate for a road bike with a tight budget, then OLX can be your last resort – serious cyclists always upgrade from time to time and leave behind their old favorites sometimes even for half the original price. Try your luck out!

Lastly, to those visiting Bangalore for travel and yet looking to cycle, there are plenty of cycle rent services. Services like Icycle charge per day while apps like Yulu Bikes charge based on distance and time.


I believe that there’s no ‘best’ cycling route, no best cycling trails in Bangalore. There are routes and tiny paths that are always off the list, and I wish to put them here. But there’s a catch to it – Cyclists. Don’t. Talk.

For example, I cycle through an inner route which I find incredible for some fresh air. The route glides by local farms to make it to the Akkayamma Betta from BSF cross on Bagalur Road. Yet I never mentioned any of this on the list.

It’s because there are places people keep to themselves. I wouldn’t want a herd of cyclists flocking in the serene pathway I cycle through. Now that I mentioned the place, you just might check it out, but the take is that, find new paths on your own. Explore!

Happy cycling :)

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