8 Best Go Karting Places in Bangalore 2022: Guide and Ratings

Best Go Karting Places in Bangalore: I went go-karting for the first time in Bangalore – I can’t deny saying that I have a wild soft spot for it now! Go Karting, though pricey, is gaining traction among the city’s adventure enthusiasts.

Alas, most go-karting tracks are dispersed around the city, and some are very far from the city’s center. Like most bold experiences in Bangalore like trekking, paintball, or even visiting a pup cafe, it takes a bit of getting around to find them.

But from someone who’s experienced it, it’s worth the few minutes of a sporty thrill ride. Whether you’re visiting Bangalore for a trip, or a local resident here, for the adventure enthusiasts – it’s a must-try! Here’s my list of the best go-karting places in Bangalore.

10 Best Go Karting Places in Bangalore

This list of go-karting tracklists out the most well-known tracks in Bangalore along with their pricing and their addresses. Some go-karting tracks offer tickets based on the number of laps while others have a time limit.

patels inn go karting
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Go-karting places in Bangalore

1. MecoKartopia

MecoKartopia by MECO motorsports lies on the outskirts of Bangalore but for a life-like go-karting track experience, it’s the perfect one to try. The tracks here match the international standards for tracks and are said to have sweet corners while driving.

With the price starting from Rs. 440 for 10 minutes on the Baby Kart, Rental Track 2 – it’s an expensive thrill ride. But the fact that there is standardized go-karting track availability with a variety of go-karts here makes it all worth it. For F1 and car racing enthusiasts, it’s worth at least a one-time experience.

Getting there shouldn’t be a problem as it happens to be near Bangalore airport.

MecoKartopia Bangalore Prices

(For 10 Minutes):

  • Baby Kart/Track 2: Rs. 440
  • MicroMax/Track 1: Rs. 660
  • Level 1 – 7bhp/Track 1: Rs. 540
  • Level 2 – 16bhp/Track 1: Rs. 1050
  • Level 3 – Rotax/Track 1: Rs. 1300
  • Twin kart: Rs. 1150

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mecokartopia go karting prices, mecokartopia go karting rates
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Best Go karting places in Bangalore: MecoKartopia Rate Card

Apart from these, MecoKartopia, unlike other tracks in Bangalore, offers recreational track hires with pricing based on hours, half-day, and full-day, and usually with six 7-bhp karts and one baby-kart.

Here’s the exclusive MecoKartopia track hire pricing:

  • 1 hour: Rs. 18,500
  • 2-hour: Rs. 32,500
  • Half-day: Rs. 57,820
  • Full-day: Rs. 1,15640

*These prices are according to MecoKartopia Bangalore’s official site as of May 2022. To stay updated, visit their site here: Mecokartopia.

Address: Hennur Bagalur Road – Chaggalagatti Village, Bangalore 562149. The fastest way to get here from the city is via the Kempegowda Airport road (Bangalore-Hyderabad highway) and by taking a right below the flyover at Sathanur Cross, Bagalur road.

2. Patels Inn RT Nagar

.It’s one of the cheapest go-karting places in Bangalore I’ve heard of so far and I loved the experience for the price. However, people who’ve go-karted before on other tracks in Bangalore find the track here less thrilling.

Patel’s inn go-karting is best for a first-time go-karting experience, after all, it’s the cheapest one out there at Rs. 200 for 6 laps.

patels inn rt nagar go karting
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Cheap go-karting places in Bangalore: Patel’s Inn Club and Resorts

Patel’s Inn Go-karting prices

As mentioned before, the rates are pretty less here. It gets lesser if you’re a member of the Patel’s Inn club and resorts. I took a picture of the pricing while I visited the place and here’s the listing:

For Members

  • Single Seater: Rs. 160
  • Twin Seater: Rs. 240

For Non-Members

  • Single Seater: Rs. 200
  • Twin Seater: Rs. 300

There are also Atv bikes (Rs. 250-300) and Segway (Rs. 200) available though they don’t stand as the main feature.

Address: No.1, Block 2, 15th Cross Road, Govindaraj Garden – RT Nagar, Bangalore (560032)

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cheapest go karting bangalore, go karting prices patels inn
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Go karting places in Bangalore: Kart pricing at Patel’s Inn

3. Grips Go-karting & Bowling

Here at the Grips Go-karting Bangalore, only one track here but depending on power and skill level – there’s a range of karts to choose from. Grips further boast of having 40 karts on the spot. With the track closing late in the evening, it offers night go-karting till 9 pm.

The rates here are again fixed for 6 laps. The pricing, when compared to Patel’s Inn, is no doubt higher but it’s reasonable for its well-tuned corners and size. Moreover, the Grips Go-karting primary business itself is modeled on go-karting and bowling, thus the expertise over the tracks and karts.

Pricing for Grips Go-karting & Bowling (For 6 laps)

For AdultsFor Kids
160CC kart: Rs. 256Kid kart: Rs. 256
200CC kart: Rs. 320Twin kart (5-7 years old): Rs. 320
270CC kart: Rs. 448
Pro kart: Rs. 640
Go karting places in Bangalore: Pricing details are taken from the official Grips Go-karting website

Address: Survey no. 68 Near Mysore Road, Anchepalya, Bangalore – 560074

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4. Torq Ezone Go-karting

The go-karting facility here falls under the gaming zone (Ezone club) where you’re required to top up your card to play the games. Go-karting here is expensive, standing at Rs. 700 for 6-8 years olds and Rs. 900 for 7 BHP karts.

The E-zone club combined with a variety of activities like bar, restaurant, and games mainly features its Go-karting on its official Torq03 website. Other featured games here are bowling, and laser tag and the place boasts over 30+ games onsite here.

Torq03 – Ezone Go-karting Pricing for 10 minutes

  • Karting Kid 4bhp (Min. height 4ft): Rs. 700
  • Karting Twin: Rs. 800
  • Karting Raptor 7bhp (Min. height 5ft): Rs. 900

The only downside here is you’re required to get a card with a minimum recharge of 1000 points (Rs. 1000+ GST) to try out the go-karting. Check out the rate card for updated pricing on their official site.

 Address: E-Zone Club, 23/24, Chinnapanahalli Main Road, Go-karting Bangalore Marathahalli – 560037 (Yep, this is the closest go karting Bangalore Whitefield and a 30-minute ride from Koramangla)

5. Red Riders

red rider spots and adventures karting
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Best go karting places in Bangalore – Image Source: lbb.in

With Go-karting as the Red Rider’s primary theme, the sports club boasts its wide-spaced 750-meter track along and its powerful go-karts. But it doesn’t stop at go-karting. Other sports that regular customers here suggest are zip-lining, bungee-jumping, and paintball.

With a rapo built to attract a young audience, I’d say it’s great to visit for a competitive bunch of friends or colleagues. They don’t offer a diverse range of karts to choose from like MecoKartopia, but it’s go-karting at the end of the day. The pricing here is neither cheap nor expensive considering the track and the spot’s popularity.

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Go karting places in Bangalore – Red Riders Go-kart rates

  • 5 laps: Rs. 400
  • 10 laps: Rs. 800
  • 20 laps: Rs. 1400

Keep in mind these prices are according to the Red Rider’s website which isn’t updated on a regular basis.

Address: Huskur Dommasandra Road, Kodathi, Bangalore – 560099

6. Fun Stop Go Karting

While go-karting at Fun Stop is the most popular activity, it’s only a part of the establishment – Fun stop offers many other activities such as swimming and zipline. It’s a lesser-known go-karting spot located in Hesarghatta, Bangalore but it can be a great start if you’re simply looking to have a touch of go-karting.

Regarding the pricing, some reviews suggest that it is pricey. But writing this article and comparing all the go-karting spots in Bangalore – a good Rs. 250 for 4 laps seems reasonable.

Anyway, here are all the pricing details (Taken from Fun Stop’s site)

  1. Single Seater
    • 4 laps: Rs. 263
    • 6 laps: Rs. 368
    • 8 laps: Rs. 473
  2. Twin Seater
    • 4 laps: Rs. 368
    • 6 laps: Rs. 473
    • 8 laps: Rs. 578
go karting tracks in bangalore
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Cheap go karting places in Bangalore

They also offer packages where you can opt for multiple activities.

Address: Hurali Chikkanahalli (4.3 kilometers from Indian Institute of Horticulture, Hesargatta), Bangalore – 560088

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7. Aruani Grid

Fun fact about the Aruani Grid – it was founded by 2 international rallyists who sunk their feet into both, the world of motorsports as well as business. The ‘grid’ is spread over 12 acres and equipped with a restaurant, podium and pit spot, parking spot, and even a VIP lounge with a track view.

The 1 km track stands as the apple of the eye here for the various go-karts they offer. What makes this spot unique is you can also rent out the track for bike and car racing (yes, you get your own vehicles here) for reasonable rates.

Aruani Grid Track rates

There are various karts available starting from Rs. 450 (4 HP Cub kart) to renting out the track for a set of hours (around Rs. 1000 for 4 hours for biking). I decided not to list out the pricing in order as I found the prices differing on different sites. For updated pricing, contact the Aruani Grid’s site.

Address: Vemana road Dommasandra, Chandapura Cross, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 562125

8. Raceway Motorsports

Lying at the bottom south-end of Bangalore is the far-off Raceway Motorsports. Notably designed and managed by a creative squad of youngsters makes it an alluring spot for adventure enthusiasts. Soaking in the reviews of the track, many say the track can be further improved.

But considering the hospitable staff here and the cheap rates of Rs. 300 for 10 laps seems all worth the price! It’s perfect for someone looking to spend a sweet evening go-karting and feast here.

best go karting places in bangalore
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Go karting places in Bangalore: A close-up shot of the karts

Go karting places in Bangalore – Raceway Motorsports Gokart pricing:

  • 10 laps/10 mins max: Rs. 300

*Note: The pricing detail here is based on various reviews and mentions I found on other sites.

Address: Survey No. 24, Kanakapura Road Pattreddy Palya, Kaggalipura, Bangalore – 560082 (17 km from Kengeri)

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Guide to Picking Go-Karting Spot

It’s impossible to tell which go-karting track is the best one for you. Some prefer the ultimatum regardless of rates – the best go-karting track in Bangalore while others simply look for a cheap kart in Bangalore.

Some would prefer having a casual encounter and expect a resort with go-karting in Bangalore while some serious peers could be looking to pursue karting as a professional career. That explains the go-karting academy available in Meco Kartopia.

A few wouldn’t mind a bit of expensive go-karting Bangalore price to spend for a wee-ride for their kids while others would try to prefer to get the cheapest option in the city.

Guide to Picking Go Karting Places in Bangalore:

If there’s one thing common about all the go-karting tracks in Bangalore, the rules, regulations, and pricing keep updating. Don’t rely on the information you find on any site right away.

It’s best to visit the desired spot’s website and contact them regarding your requirements – be it enquiring about the age limit on the rides or pricing.

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Best go karting place in Bangalore: Kid making a sweet turn

FAQs on the Best Go Karting Places in Bangalore

Best go karting places in Bangalore: These are some FAQs that most people ask:

How much does it cost for go-karting?

It costs an average of Rs. 250 to Rs. 450 for go-karting in Bangalore depending on the track and the kart option you choose.

The cheapest go-karting in Bangalore starts at Rs. 200 for 6 laps and it goes up to Rs. 1000-1200 for 10 minutes of go-karting on well-built tracks. Patel’s Inn and Grips Go-karting are the cheapest spots while MecoKartopia and Ezone charge way higher.

Is Go-karting Safe?

Yes, all go-karting tracks in Bangalore are said to be safe for both kids and adults. As long as one on the track follows the instructor’s guide when jumping into the low-floor seat, go-karting is a perfectly safe and enjoyable experience.

How Fast does a Go-kart go?

Most go-karts go anywhere between 30-40 kph and the Rotax engines go up to 60-70 kph.

Go karting places in Bangalore: Depending on which track you go to in Bangalore and the kart option, the speed differs. But to those who haven’t experienced go-karting before, believe me, all of them are fast. Since the tracks aren’t normal curves and the low flooring can make the ride appear really fast.

Can Kids do Go-karting?

Go karting places in Bangalore: Absolutely! Most go-kart tracks in Bangalore are designed to be a fun experience for both kids and adults.

However, some spots require a minimum height/age to drive on certain tracks. If it isn’t available, twin karts are also a great option where the adult may take along their kiddos for the joy ride.

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Go karting places in Bangalore: A quick click before they asked me to put off my phone

Are Go-karts Automatic?

Yes! All the go-karting tracks in Bangalore are automatic where you only have the acceleration and brake pedal to control along with the steering wheel.

Is go-karting like driving a car? Yes, an automatic car though. Except here there’s no windshield, the tires are much smaller and you have lesser grip. Besides the low flooring of where you sit, go-karting is similar to driving a car.

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Can you wear glasses while Go Karting?

Yes, you can. As long as the glasses fit you well and you make sure there’s less chance of it falling off into the kart’s machinery below, wearing glasses for go-karting is fine.

go karting tracks in bangalore
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Best go karting places in Bangalore: Entering Patel’s Inn club
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