Wonderla Bangalore Review: The Best 1-Day Trip Experience

Wonderla Bangalore Review – A straight answer to whether Wonderla in Bangalore is worth visiting – YES, it absolutely is! It’s one of my favorites of must-visits in Bangalore. This comes out from a person who’s visited the same Wonderla twice. I visited it once two years ago with 3 other guys and recently, I visited with my whole friends’ squad of 13 members!

When you’re in Bangalore and have no idea where to go, have no mood to build an itinerary either, but have a whole day ahead of you, Wonderla is the perfect resort.

Though many of us had already visited Wonderla at least once before, visiting the place with friends is another experience. The long ride till there, the water rides, rain dance, and having lunch altogether was worth the second time.

wonderla bangalore pictures
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Wonderla Bangalore Review: That’s us!

Wonderla Bangalore Review: Troubles of Getting There

Don’t get me wrong – though Wonderla lies on the outskirts of Bangalore on the Mysore road, it’s incredibly easy and cheap to get there. There are direct buses from Majestic and many other parts of Bangalore that take you straight inside the gates of Wonderla at regular intervals throughout the day.

Even the customer support for buses and routes is solid. For those bringing private vehicles, there is no extra charge for parking as well.

But we, being on the other far end of Bangalore near Bagalur, Yelahanka, didn’t like the idea of traveling a total of 5-6 hours on different buses throughout our trip.

Check out my Instagram reel on Wonderla!

madmans journey
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Wonderla Bangalore Review: A few hours before we left. Hell, I look bad but look at all that love in the air!

After a long group discussion, we settled to book a Tempo Traveller. Though a little expensive, I’m glad we did as we all traveled together without much hustle.

The Dilemma of When to Visit

I read a TripAdvisor review where the family wrote about how they faced school crowds on a weekday and tiring waiting queues.

However, we visited on a weekday and had no trouble with waiting queues. While the RECOIL roller coaster and other long thriller rides did have queues, we didn’t mind standing as we kept cracking jokes and talking throughout the wait.

Frankly, a Wonderla trip is more enjoyable for youngsters rather, so that could be another reason for the poor rating.

Anyway, I’d recommend visiting Wonderla in Bangalore on weekdays as there’s less wait time and the tickets cost more on weekends. Speaking of prices here’s how we spent on the trip and how you can too!

Wonderla 1-Day Trip Budget

Our Wonderla trip budget rounded up to Rs. 1,500 per head including the Tempo Traveller and our lunch inside. If we’d chosen cheaper transport, then we’d have spent upto Rs. 1000 per person.

The Wonderla tickets prices vary depending on the peak season. Currently, on weekdays, the ticket price is Rs. 1049 for adults and Rs. 840 for children. It costs Rs. 420-525 extra for the fast-track tickets. For the weekends, it’s typically Rs. 200 extra than usual.

Though we fell under the adult category, we had our college ID cards to avail of the student discount of 20%. It came down to Rs. 840 per head.

Lunch at Wonderla’s Food Court

As for the food, we had lunch at the Wonderla food court where the food was at reasonable rates. There were dozens of other options other than the food court, but we didn’t have time to explore or the money to try new stuff. So we stuck to the rice items in the food court.

wonderla food court evening
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Wonderla Bangalore Review: The picture was meant for an aesthetic touch, but that’s the food court we had lunch at.

Don’t judge me on that – we weren’t really hungry after the stomach-churning rides. We kept our lunch light so that we’d be able to participate in the following rides.

It cost around Rs. 200-300 per lunch meal where most options were of rice items like fried rice, egg rice, and chicken rice. As there was too much in each bowl, we shared each rice plate in twos. I took a combo of chicken rice along with drinks along with another friend.

On average, the lunch cost each of us Rs. 100-150. I thought the water cost extra, but they had water dispensers and cups in various parts of the park.

Here’s a random tree picture at the entrance of Wonderla.

wonderla entrance
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Wonderla Bangalore Review

Going about Wonderla

I did this on both of my visits and I think it’s quite logical for most. But I’ll just put it out there anyway:

  1. Go for the dry rides.
  2. Have lunch.
  3. Change up and jump for the water rides.
  4. Got time? Hit another dry ride!

The Wonderla Amusement Park is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. We got there late around 11:45 am and hit the dry rides straight away. Pro-tip if you’re looking to complete all the rides in one day without a fast-track ticket: You can’t.

We weren’t looking to hop onto every ride we found, we were looking to have fun. Period. We missed out on some rides and we went on some other rides TWICE. We skipped on the not-so-appealing rides like the small Columbus and the Termite train and went for most of the high thrill rides.

We didn’t cover all water rides either. We hit the drop loop, a few other slides, the rain dance, and the infamous wave pool.

As the water rides have a short open timing from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm on weekdays. So we set back and relaxed in the pool lying and lazing under the sun in large swim tubes.

Sorry for the lengthy description, but it was a sweet end to a wholesome day.

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Wonderla Bangalore Review: My Favorite Rides

The Recoil ride no doubt stands as my favorite ride. But how about the Drop Zone? No, not the tall Flash Tower, the smaller one beside it. Though it wasn’t tall, the ride lasts longer and the drops are more fierce. And how about the Y-Scream and the Maverick?

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Wonderla Bangalore Review: The Recoil! Credits to my roommate for the iPhone Shot

Some of the rides were truly memorable – both land and water rides. The Recoil reminded me of the Revenge of the Mummy ride in Universal Studios in Singapore. Since I found more than just a few rides cool, each better than the previous, here’s my list of favorite rides:


The ride begins backward. It takes you into a complete loop, brings you to a steep point, and slows down only to roll backward again!

We got a chance to see the pictures of our horrified expressions on the ride just for a moment. We can buy our pictures after the ride, but we quickly got a shot on our phones. So here’s an exclusive picture:

Drop Zone

Right beside the Flash Tower is its smaller version, the Drop Zone. I enjoyed this more as the drops made me experience freefall. I lifted my hands and legs hanging as it dropped, making it sweeter. However, the best part was of a guy beside me crying for help as we took drops.


We looked at it from the side initially and assumed it was a Columbus thriller ride… until it took a 360-degree loop with the seats hanging freely in the air. After a long wait in our seats on the ride and all the safety checks, the ride began.

I thought I’d go crazy and leave my hands hanging free, but the moment it took a full upside-down circle where I could see the faces of people in the waiting queue, I froze and held my safety handles tight. It was amazing!

y scream wonderla bangalore
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Wonderla Bangalore Review: I couldn’t find my picture on the Y Scream, but here’s the guy who screamed beside me on the Drop Zone ride (The left side happy dude).

Drop Loop (Water ride)

It’s exactly as the name suggests, the slide’s almost a vertical drop down with nothing below your feet. The moment they closed the transparent door and the bit of floor below me disappeared still gives me chills.

The guy I mentioned in the Drop Zone came after me and his scream as he came through the tube was something I vividly remember. His expression as he came through the tunnel was even more historic – we laughed till our stomachs hurt before going for the next ride.

We didn’t get pictures on the water rides as we kept our phones away safely in the locker room. Most of us didn’t have water-resistant phones. Those who did have didn’t want to risk it.


My classmate asked me how the ride was as I got off. I told her it was amazing and tripped the very next second with dizziness.

Imagine spinning in one spot but the whole room also spins with you in bigger circles. If that wasn’t enough, the second half of the ride was when the whole deck spun diagonally. It’s had to visualize it, isn’t it?

Rain Disco

Though not a ‘ride’, it had to be on this list. I felt it was amazing but it again differs from person to person. While it sure is just loud music, disco lighting in a closed space, and water spraying all over you, it’s great if you’ve your best mates with you.

The other thing I absolutely loved is the security and how Wonderla’s staff actually makes it’s enjoyable and specifically safe for everyone. There were separate sections for just men and the other for women and couples.

Upon seeing I’m a guy, the security at its entrance pushed me towards the ‘Only Men’ section. One of our group members told the security I was with her and pulled me into the mixed section.

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Wonderla Bangalore Review: Here’s the lady who pulled me in. Btw, that’s Cherry Wine.

Wave Pool 1&2

One of the highlights of the Wonderla is, of course, the wave pool where they begin at certain time intervals. We initially stood in the deep waters where the waves swept us off our feet and onto the crowds behind.

However, what was more fun was sitting by the shores of the waves – believe me, the waves were rough on the edge as well! At one point, I feared that my nylon shorts would tear as the waves pushed me back from my sitting position!

There was also the time when my shorts washed completely up my thighs, but let’s not talk about that here.

Crazy Wagon

This isn’t much of a thrill ride but this has been my first ride on both of my visits to Wonderla. I recommend you go for it too – it’s a pleasant ride with a bit of thrill, to begin with.

Protip: Sit closer to the edge of the ride for a better experience :)

wonderla bangalore pictures madmans journey
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Wonderla Bangalore review: “The three bunkers” (The name wasn’t my idea, but that’s my tiny wild squad in class!)

Wonderla Resorts

No, I haven’t visited the Wonderla Resort on Mysore Road yet. That’s something on my bucket list down the line and I’ll be sure to get you the complete Wonderla Resort Bangalore review.

But upon looking at how Wonderla runs its theme park, the cleanliness, the check-ups on all the thrill rides are wonderful. I’ve seen parents restricting my friends from going to many places in Bangalore, but Wonderla’s never on that list. It always has been particularly safe for everyone.

Also, the reviews on Wonderla’s resort have been on the positive side. It’s said to be a travel sustainable property on Booking.com.

To book, I recommend using Booking.com for your Wonderla Resort as it’s one of the most trusted travel sites. The best part is you don’t have to pay upfront! You can book today and pay when you get there!

Tailpiece: Ending on Cloud Nine

We did a bunch of stupid things like dancing (not me) on Wonderla Multipurpose Hall’s stage, shot Instagenic pictures of the evening, even did try to make a trending group TikTok (or whatever you kids call it, these days… yes, it’s a 20-year-old saying this).

With the ice cream and popcorn shops by Wonderla’s gates after we showered and changed, some of us couldn’t resist but buy some things. That sums up my Wonderla Bangalore Review :)

wonderla night
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Wonderla Bangalore Review: A Shot at night

Overall, it was a sweet day with the people closest to me, people that I see every day on my Uni’s campus. I think that ultimately makes it better – who you visit Wonderla with.

Anyway, we were late by the time we got out over 7 pm. There wasn’t any public transport for some of my group members who’d taken the bus. So they joined along in our Traveler Tempo and we dropped them at a metro station on the way.

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