My Favorite Go-to Hostels in Singapore: Backpacker’s Guide

Budget Hostels in Singapore. One of the most-recognizable developed nations in Asia, is Singapore – an everchanging place. As someone who keeps visiting Singapore almost every year, there is always something new to see.

Not only does the city, but attractions get new additions here and then. Speaking of budget hostels, I stayed in a Spacepod bed, a dormitory-style bed, and a horribly dirty one (Yep, in Singapore). But checking the following year again, there were many more hostels to experience.

Not to mention, even budget hostels get expensive in Singapore. Some places like Little India and Lavender are some affordable options considering you book them in advance. Here’s my guide to the best budget hostels in Singapore.

Backpacker Budget Hostels in Singapore

In Singapore, location shouldn’t be a concern while choosing a hostel. Singapore’s public transportation system, be it the bus shuttles, MRT, or LRT, it’s all reliable and budget-friendly to get around. Still, plan your Singapore itinerary ahead of time as some big attractions are a good distance away.

For example, the Singapore Zoo is 25km away. It takes an hour to get there from the city thus taking a big chunk of time. Read my SG Zoo experience here.

For quick choices, here are the recommended budget hostels in Singapore:

  1. Rucksack Inn@Tyrwhitt for the most budget-friendly.
  2. Wink Capsule Hotel tends to more privacy.
  3. Atelier Hostel gives easy access to the popular hub, Chinatown.
  4. Dream Lodge – an all-round best-rated stay.
  5. The Bohemian, especially for the social backpackers.
  6. Some Spacepod Hostels (A Spacepod! If you wish to try)
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Chinatown: Best Budget Hostels in Singapore

These are some of the best picks for backpackers with dormitory-style beds and shared amenities. Though some are no-doubt more comfortable than others, they’re decent options at a random pick.

Don’t stay too offset from the main city. My recommended places for budget accommodation are Lavender, Chinatown, and Little India. Also, getting a hostel near Sentosa is advisable when visiting the SEA Aquarium, riding the Skyline Luge, Universal Studios Singapore, or even exploring the island’s beaches.

As for pricing, the budget picks like Beary Best Hostel in Singapore and Rucksack Inn are always cheaper. But keep an eye on the more niche hostels as they tend to vary greatly with the off-seasons. Who knows if you’re just in time for a goldmine.

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Pro Tip: Use HostelWorld when in Singapore

First things first, I recommend using HostelWorld for backpackers anywhere you go. It isn’t only about finding budget accommodation here, it’s the community you get to meet. It is popular among backpackers rather than common tourist folk.

Even in Southeast Asia, the app is reliable for safe and legitimate booking. I daresay the company looks after their community. Most their accommodations are worth every last penny. ‘Most’ being the keyword as I once had a terrible experience.

Again, that turned out to be a mistake on my part for not checking its reviews firsthand.

HostelWorld pricing: Some argue HostelWorld is expensive. It’s true. The commission isn’t low. But with Singapore being super-expensive compared to other Southeast Asian countries, individual rooms are too pricey. Thus making dormitory-stye stays cheaper than most accommodation sites – even

A single room budget accommodation costs around SGD $100 – $150. With dormitory-style stays on HostelWorld, it costs around SGD $50 – 70 today. Ultimately, you will save a ton with Hostelworld

Anyway, here are all my best picks budget hostels in Singapore.

1. Rucksack Inn@Tyrwhitt

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While on my solo Singapore trip, I was only aware of the Rucksack Inn at Tyrwhitt steps away from Lavender Street. However, there are two Rucksack Inn hostels with more or less the same theme. They don’t differ much in pricing either.

Though RucksackInn@Tyrwhitt is situated next to a bustling evening cornerside restaurant, still it isn’t a touristy part of the city. The other RucksackInn@Temple Street lies right next to the infamous Chinatown.

Highlights: For the cheap pricing, the overall cleanliness is quite impressive. The hostel is minimalistic with nothing extravagant to offer. But the few facilities – the safelock, mattress quality, and bathroom accessories are well-invested in. Even the bathroom stalls themselves were squeaky clean and spacious.

Grab your RuckSack Inn@Turwhitt Deal today!

2. Wink Capsule Hostel

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A popular option among the budget hostels in Singapore is the Wink Capsule hostel, also close to Chinatown. The overall facilities and staff service here are considered ‘decent’.

Though pricey compared to the Rucksack Inn, the capsule-like build around the beds make for more privacy. The whole compact environment including the common areas like dining give more of a homely vibe.

With most guests choosing Wink Capsule hostel for privacy, it’s more of a quiet environment. Thus making it perfect for introverts or who simply want a relief from the world. The only downside is the bathroom facility kept on the top floor.

Reviewing, the hostel is no short of premium amenities including washing machines. As someone who began solo-traveling not long ago, I’d say it’s ideal for those who prioritize a good-night’s rest.

Grab your Wink Capsule Hostel Deal today!

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3. Atelier Hostel

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Photo credits: HostelWorld. Budget Hostels in Singapore

Quite many hostels are in Chinatown and the Atelier Hostel is at its heart! The hostel rates here don’t differ much compared to Wink Capsule Hostel and not much differs with the amenities too.

The pictures of Atelier Hostel make it look all fancy as the accommodation is connected to a French-themed cafe namely the Madame Ooze. When staying here, the cafe itself is a part of the common room for the guests. Though it makes it a less social-space, it stands out from the rest.

The key takeaway here is the staff is super-friendly and it’s at the center of an ever-bustling area. Anytime you wish, you get to snap and poof! You stand in the infamous Chinatown. Oh, and the best part? The hostel was once a pre-war shophouse that sold jewelry and traditional medicine.

Chinatown, French-themed cafe beneath for morning breakfast, sweet staff, a splash of history with its comforts – all for pretty reasonable rates. Why not give it a shot?

Grab your Atelier Hostel Deal today!

4. Dream Lodge

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Photo Credit: HostelWorld. Best budget hostels in Singapore

Dream Lodge is where the more average priced hostels reside – neither too budget-friendly nor expensive. But Dream Lodge is one satisfactory place to pay for.

This popular kid in the travel world stands in Lavender, and close to that Rucksack Inn@Tyrwhitt I put up earlier. It turns out, this whole street is far from the city, yet popular for accommodations, hipster and variety of cafes.

When drafting this, I realized many blogs made this the first go-to hostel in Singapore. With its comfortable survival facilities, it has good reason to be someone’s long-term stay. Even the beds sell out like hot cakes.

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Still, I wouldn’t keep it my first priority. One is for the price, a little over the budget average. Two, I’d prefer staying at a less popular spot to experience uncharted paths. But that’s only my personal preference. If you don’t want a hitch with your hostel, pick the Dream Lodge with your eyes closed. It’s the best rated hostel in the game.

Grab your Dream Lodge Deal today!

5. The Bohemian

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Photo credit: HostelWorld. Budget Hostels in Singapore

Remember that social problem with most hostels in Singapore. There’s a good chance it’s because most people here tend to keep to themselves. It isn’t a hostel issue, it’s just the way it is.

But this is what The Bohemian hostel keeps an eye on, thus making it one of my favorite picks. The hostel is strict with being a backpacker only environment. Their policy even mentions of determining whether you’re a backpacker or not.

Though it sounds a bit harsh, it’s establishes a comfortable space for tough, social backpackers out there. Nonetheless, the staff is great here.

Again, this is another budget-friendly spot unlike the last two hostels I mentioned. Regarding the beds, cleanliness, and all facilities – it considers average. I think more is invested in the common areas and to keep the community social which is difficult to find in Singapore.

Overall, it’s a well-balanced accommodation. Check it out for yourself below!

Grab your The Bohemian Hostel Deal today!

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6. SpacePod Hostels!

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Budget Hostels in Singapore: The SpacePod Lavender I stayed at!

Budget Hostels in Singapore. Some time back, I managed to get the SpacePod@Lavender and it was my favorite among all Singapore hostels I stayed in (Read my review). The backpacker community and facilities are great, beds are private, and the staff was sweet. The whole open property was a cherry on top.

This was the only SpacePod I stayed at, but there are some options in Singapore. On HostelWorld, the only one listed is the MET SpacePod Hostel but it’s not budget-friendly. So to experience spacepods, I found some options on instead.

For your information, is our trusted partner and I use it for all my Southeast Asia trips. Back on Spacepods, it isn’t worth to pay a 2-night price. But a few extra bucks for its experience doesn’t hurt. Make sure to book in advance as the spacepod beds are always hot and unavailable.

Check out my reasonable SpacePod picks below:

Budget Hostels in Singapore: TailPiece

Though there are more budget hostels in Singapore I’ve heard great things about, I’d prefer these options I mentioned so far. Too many choices to pick from makes it confusing, doesn’t it? I’ll save the rest.

Wrapping this post, here’s a few things to look out for. Most decently reviewed hostels are exactly how they look in the pictures. You’ll see most properties are marked ‘SG Clean’, which means that they’re vetted for their hygiene quality.

So that saves you tons of time, skimming out dirty places. Unlike most booking sites, the reviews on HostelWorld are geniune. If not all, most are real and it makes for a reliable service.

So take it a notch down, plan your itinerary with ease, don’t miss on River Wonders next to the SG Zoo, book your hostel in advance, and move!

For someone who’s serious about getting backpacker’s social environment, make The Bohemian your first choice. After staying at hostels in Singapore, I saw that most kept to themselves. Most even didn’t carry a backpack.

But when I stayed at SpacePod@Lavender, there’s where it got better. Most social people I met were those minimalistic travelers, backpackers, Australians, and even a guy from Columbia. We even planned to go together later!

Anyhow, it’s all about preferences. Either way, happy traveling!

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