SpacePod Lavender Review in Singapore

SpacePod Lavender Review: I’d seen a lot of these vlogs on staying in space pod hostels. They’re cheap and perfect for backpackers, and they were in Singapore! I couldn’t miss out on my Singapore Itinerary without staying in one.

It’s very much like a hostel, except you get more privacy with your own enclosed space with cartoonish light strips making it seem like a ‘space pod’. The best part is that it costs the same!

Thus I tried out the SpacePod in Lavender during my solo travel to Singapore. There are many pod-type stays in SG but this one was the most popular. I couldn’t miss out on this, and I’m glad I didn’t. Here goes my SpacePod Lavender review!

SpacePod Lavender Review for Travelers

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Is SpacePod Lavender worth it for backpackers? Yes! For backpackers, I found this the best among all the hostels I stayed in SG. The cleanliness, lockers, sitting lounge, and other facilities were all worth the price. Even the staff was friendly.

Besides the facilities, it’s worth paying for the space pod concept itself. Space pods, though much like dormitory-style hostels, offer better privacy. I could scratch my behind without giving a damn!

When I booked online, it cost lesser (around SGD $20-$25) but it costs higher for upfront booking. For the weekend, like most of Singapore, it costs around SGD $30. The only regret I did have about booking a stay here is I booked it for just one day.

I’d prefer the pod stays over other hostels in SG. Here are some Spacepod hostels in different parts of Singapore with great ratings that I picked for your next SG itinerary. Book before you miss out on deals!

  1. Spacepod@hive, Lavender
  2. Spacepod@com, Jalan Ayer
  3. Spacepod@SG, Geylang

SpacePod@lavender: Where is it?

As the name suggests, the SpacePod is at Lavender – a subzone of Kallang in Singapore. The easiest way to get there is via the Lavender MRT Station EW11 as it’s no more than 600 meters.

For a newbie to Singapore, I’d say Lavender is a great spot as it’s not far from the city’s main attractions like the Marina Bay Sands (4.9 km) and Universal Studios, Sentosa (13 km). It’s only 1 km away from City Square Mall and the infamous Mustafa Center. The best part is that the street here is calm at most times.

Here are some tickets to book for attractions in Singapore from I recommend taking the Klook Pass Singapore where you can add preferred attractions in one go and get the best discounts. Since we’re a partner of Klook, our readers get better prices for all tickets.

The only far attraction is the Mandai Zoo and its River Wonders which is unquestionably far from any place in Singapore.

As it’s a budget stay, it’s hard to find it initially on King George Ave’s street on the complex – maps can be misleading. You’ll know you’re near when you walk by a large stadium (Jalan Besar Sports Center).

SpacePod@lavender Address: 111j King George’s Ave, Singapore

Another great Spacepod with the best rating and price at Lavender is the Spacepod@hive. Check your availability and book your Lavender Spacepod today on!

The Capsule Beds

I was hesitant about the capsule beds being too small. Luckily, they were quite large for one person (I’m 5’8, just so you know). The capsule bed’s main feature was it brought a whole hotel room’s features to one bed – privacy, key card, and lighting.

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Spacepod Lavender review: Mine’s the top one and the stairs felt fancy.

On the opening side is a pull-down curtain sheet that’s lockable from the inside. Though it makes for a private space, it isn’t soundproof. I walked out of the room whenever I picked up a call so it didn’t disturb the other travelers.

The other captivating side is the circular lit mirror with switches below it, one of them being a keycard port that activates the lights and AC in the pod. The rest were standard USB charging ports, plug points, and light switches. But the fun part was the option to set my preferred temperature with a knob and even light color options!

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Spacepod@SG: Shared Bathroom

The word ‘shared’ scared me while booking a hostel in a whole different country right after a pandemic. However, the bathrooms and toilets here are impressive. There were 4 shared bathrooms on my floor with 2 having attached toilets.

Even so, I kept my own towels, the stay offered towels, had body soap available in all bathrooms, and had water heaters installed. It was a compact space just right for bathing and changing. Despite the dozens of backpackers, the bathrooms were kept clean.

A laundry facility is also available for an extra charge.

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Dining area and Kitchen

The Spacepod@lavender is only two floors – the top floor with most pods (where I stayed), shared bathrooms, and laundry, and the bottom floor with a dining area and kitchen, reception, shared bathrooms, and one pod room.

During the evenings, the dining lounge gets crowded with travelers. A section of the dining area is open at the top and since smoking isn’t allowed inside pod rooms, the cigarette scent lingers here instead.

Attached to the dining area was the kitchen with a sink, microwave oven, refrigerator, and hot water dispenser. With coffee, tea, and mugs included, I couldn’t resist getting coffee before I left in the morning! Having the empty lounge spot to myself in the morning, it was a sweet morning.

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Meeting other Solo-travelers

This is my favorite part of SpacePod@lavender. Most people who stay here are budget solo travelers – thus bringing all the alike minds together. Fancying to be a traveler myself, it felt like home to sit and talk to random strangers who loved traveling just as much.

Besides the conversations is the understanding backpackers have here for one another – after all most were solo travelers just like me. Everyone was friendly and respected one another – they kept quiet in the pod stays, and cleaned up their mugs, and even bathrooms for the next use.

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Spacepod Lavender review: This was attached to every pod bed on the inside!

No matter what one wore, their color, gender, or age – everyone smiled at one another. I met a Colombian man in his 30s who talked of his job in Malaysia and his dedication to an Indian Yogi. A Chinese man explained why he carried his own mug around the kitchen. And so it goes!

SpacePod Lavender Review: Tailpiece

Closing in, I’d say it’s the best hostel for budget solo backpackers traveling to Singapore. Any Singapore itinerary isn’t cheap, even for budget travelers compared to other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

All backpacker hostels cost around SGD $20 – $30 here depending on the peak season. So if you’re picking your stay, I’d recommend getting this one for getting the best value for money.

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