Chapora Fort Goa (Dil Chahta Hai)

We didn’t visit many spots in Goa, but we didn’t miss this out – the Chapora Fort Goa. The infamous Dil Chahta Hai Fort. Apart from it being popular, the place is truly photogenic in the evenings!

We spent an hour or two in the evening and watched the sunset before they put us out. Here’s all about my visit to the Chapora Fort Goa and with an addition of the places near Chapora Fort to check out.

Chapora Fort Goa Blog and History

I wasn’t aware that it was the same fort used in the Dil Chahta Hai movie until I climbed up stone pavements till the top. It isn’t much of a climb to the fort’s entrance but the steps are big and needs some effort.

Quite many people had come to visit the fort. I later learnt that the fort was an offbeat unexplored part before Bollywood put it on the map. Chapora Fort has had its time with war history – the Portuguese and Marathas.

The Chapora Fort was built on a strategic location on the banks of Chapora River. Its steep slopes and uneven rocky terrain on all four sides was assumed for its strong defense.

chapora fort sunset view
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Chapora Fort Goa sunset: Capturing a shot of the beauty

Built in 1617, the structure has seen a handful of events ever since. It was used as a basecamp by Prince Akbar along the Marathas against his father and his Portuguese rule in Goa. The Portuguese then recovered from the Marathas and took over the northen defense and provided shelter here.

Over the centuries, the fort bounced to and fro from the hands of Portuguese and its rivals.

Chapora Fort today

It’s sweet to listen to its story and the things the Fort has seen. But it lost its glory and today it serves as a prime attraction in Goa. Over the years, rulers modified it with bastions and tunnels for defense emergencies.

However, there isn’t much of the place left to see today. Only remains of the fort exist by the seashore. Exactly as shown in Dil Chahta Hai, the fort walls aren’t that tall either. One can lean or sit on the 400-year old structure.

Some come to visit the fort and experience its fair ascent up the rock pavements. But most awe at the scenic view from the spot.

chapora fort blog
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Chapora Fort Goa Sunset: Moments before we left, before the guards rushed after us.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Chapora Fort is in the evenings to experience the sunset along with its rays falling on its orange walls. Keep in mind that the place closes at 5 pm. Some people recommend visiting in the mornings as well.

When we visited, it was a perfect evening trip. We stayed till the sun began to set and then we rode our scooters to explore the Anjuna Flea Market (about 5 km) from there.

How to Get There?

There are local buses from Mapusa that is 10 km away to Anjuna Beach and Vagator Beach. They have a drop-off point at Chapora Fort, Vagator.

But I recommend getting a scooter rental or taxi. Public transport, though existent in Goa, can be very time consuming and hectic.

Moreover, it takes close to an hour for the 10 kilometers between Mapusa and Vagator. No, it isn’t the traffic. Most Goan roads are narrow – it’s hard to find two-lane roads here, thus making for time-consuming connectivity.

We rented out scooters from Arambol (where we stayed) to visit Chapora Fort where we had to return to the pickup point. But we didn’t mind as the convenience of it helped us get from Chapora Fort to Anjuna Beach and then the Flea Market.

chapora fort
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Chapora Fort Goa Sunset

Chapora Fort Goa: Timings, Entry Fee

The time of Chapora Fort is between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Some sites mention from 8 am to 5 pm. When we visited, we were told 5:30 pm was the closing time, so we hurried in.

While we did stay at the place till 6 pm for the sunset over the Arabian Sea, it is advisable to leave before dark. It takes around an hour to get around the fort. So for evenings, get there by 4:00 pm.

By 6, the Fort’s guards begin ushering people out of the fort’s entrance.

Speaking of entry fees, there is no entry fee for Chapora Fort. Neither for foreigners nor cameras. The only source of information about the fort before ascending where the street stall keepers and the ice cream vendors on the way up.

Dress code for Chapora Fort: There isn’t any dress code for visiting the fort. It’s Goa and far from a temple. However, keep in mind the place is popularized by Dil Chahta Hai thus making it popular among Indians and lesser foreigners. Thus, you’re bound to find families and Indian aunties.

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chapora fort evening
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Chapora For Goa Sunset: Hallo!

Places to Visit near Chapora Fort Goa

If Chapora Fort was isolated from the rest of Goa, I’d doubt people would visit it only for an hour and sunset. But there’s a fair share of things to do here in and around Vagator, Goa – markets, beaches, and beachside huts.

In fact, the Bardez District, with Vagator beach at its northern tip, is a popular spot among travelers. Vagator locality lies amidst Mapusa, Calangute, and Morjim all around the same distances (7-10 km) from it.

Don’t fret about staying around Chapora Fort or Vagator for some time. It’s a sweet spot to visit many places. However, it is comparatively expensive compared to Northern Goa.

Here are the must-visit places near Chapora Fort:

  1. Anjuna Beach
  2. Parra Famous Food
  3. Goa Collective Bazaar
  4. Thalassa
  5. Ozran Beach
  6. Lost Paradise Goa

Anjuna Flea Market

This was our first stop after Chapora Fort, the Anjuna Flea Market. While it is just a market today, it’s had its share of colorful history. The flea market began as a weekly barter trade :)

Make sure to visit on a Wednesday when it really comes to life and finds yourself bargaining for all kinds of items here!

chapora fort goa travel blog
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Chapora Fort Goa Blog: We found this birdie that a shopkeeper had picked up – it fly away later!

Anjuna Beach

Not far from the Anjuna Flea Market is Anjuna Beach. We walked from the flea market through the alley cracks of beach clubs and ended up on the sands.

Visiting in the evening, I found this beach similar to the other beaches in Goa with its beach bars and cafes overlooking the waters. Quite a lot of parties and bright lights come to life when the sun goes down.

Parra and its Watermelons

No more than 20 minutes drive is Parra, a small beautiful village known for its juicy watermelons. While it’s slowly depleting with the urbanization of the place, some people know of it (and now you too!) that keep it alive. Parra watermelons are prized for their sweetness.

Parra is also popular for its picturesque Parra Coconut Tree road. It’s no more than a plain narrow road with palm trees greeting out on either side for the whole stretch. But that’s what makes it pretty!

Goa Collective Bazaar

If you happen to be at the fort on Friday, then check out the Goa Collective Bazaar – another Flea Market every Friday from 4 pm to 1 pm. With its live music, stalls, and cocktails, it’s similar to the Anjuna Flea Market.

It’s relatively new compared to the Anjuna flea market. However, it’s been hyped up over the past few years.

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Places near Chapora Fort Goa: The flea market!


Thalassa – heard the name before? Any person who’s visited Goa or lives in Goa is bound to recommend the Greek restaurant for an evening.

Apart from the unique Greek Mediterranean Cuisine it offers, most visit for its waterfront sunset views when dusk falls. Oh, and the signature cocktails as well!

Ozran Beach

Like Vagator beach or Chapora beach, another place to check out is Ozran beach not far from the forts. The beaches around here are more or less the same.

While Vagator and Chapora beaches are more popular for the nightlife, Ozran beach offers scenic views. It’s more known for its relaxed vibe.

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places near chapora fort
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Places near Chapora Fort Goa: Anjuna Beach

Stay at Vagator Beach

Chapora Fort Goa: As I said earlier, it’s worth staying at Vagator to get around this part of Goa for a few days. I loved how Vagator facilitates all types of travelers. There are luxury resorts, mid-range family stays, as well as cozy budget hostels.

For luxury resorts and Zostels, don’t mind booking online when it comes to credibility. is my favorite for booking stays as they don’t require you to pay upfront – thus letting you check out your stay before you check-in.

Nonetheless, while visiting Chapora Fort, I passed some amazing resorts and found even sweeter ones. Here are some stays I personally handpicked for you depending on your travel style. Check them out and book your preferred stay today:

Luxury/Mid-Range Resorts (Rs. 3000 – 6000 per night/2 pax):

  1. Blu Resorts
  2. Leoney Resort Goa
  3. 3102bce Vedic Resort
  4. Whiteflower Cottages
  5. Casa Albuquerque
  6. Cochichos Resort

Budget hostels for solo travelers

  1. Dreams Hostel
  2. Mitra Hostel
  3. Bon Voyage Hostel
  4. RootsVilla
  5. Pappi Chulo
  6. Jungle by SturmFrei

FAQs about Chapora Fort Goa

Looking up what people look like before visiting Chapora Fort, here are some questions I found about the place. Some pretty unusual too! Let’s look at them anyway:

Is it worth visiting Chapora Fort?

Yes, it sure is! The views of the beautiful sunset and the shore waves and the climb up to the Chapora Fort make it all worth the trip. Also, it’s free to visit the fort after all.

How many steps are there in the Chapora Fort?

The way up to Chapora Fort is said to have 150 steps from the parking spot, according to the Times of India. These steps were nonexistent just a few years back and were built for tourism.

How long is the climb to the Chapora Fort?

Originally, it was a 2.9 km trek trail to make it to the views of the shores of the Chapora Fort before 2019. We didn’t see any of that when we visited it. Today, there is a way up to the fort along with a parking area and those 150 steps leading up to the fort’s entrance.

Which beach is visible near the Chapora Fort?

On the side of the House of Chapora, the lesser-known beach visible in plain sight is Chapora Beach. The Vagator beach is also close to the Chapora Fort from the entrance’s side.

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Chapora Fort Goa: Tailpiece

That brings us to the end of this post on Chapora Fort Goa. Later in the evening, we weren’t planning on spending a whole lot on dinner. Though in Anjuna, the average beach bar or restaurant is typically expensive here.

So we decided to look for dinner on our way back. We found Emperor’s Dine on Anjuna Borda Mapusa. Unexpectedly, it turned terrific for the budget! It was neither overpriced nor dead cheap.

The cuisines were the common tandoori rotis, biryani, and Chinese. And all of it was simply appetizing. So we talked to the staff – we found that it was a newly-opened restaurant. I highly recommend trying the spot for budget travelers.

Until, next time :)

dining at anjuna, emperor dine
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Places near Chapora Fort Goa
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