Rajasthan Travel Blog – 5 Best Places to Visit!

Rajasthan travel blog: Rajasthan is huge and everyone around the state has their own favorite city. I remember consulting my Rajasthani friends for advice on my first trip.

The recommendations lead me to several destinations very far from each other. Rajasthan is geographically huge, area wise it’s the largest state in India. Hence, it is a task to efficiently tour across the entire state in one week. But I got you covered!

This travel blog on Rajasthan will be your handy guide to planning the best and wholesome trip across the state!

Rajasthan Travel Blog:  5 Must-Visit Places for the Rajasthani experience

top 5 places in Rajasthan
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The road map
  1. Jaipur
  2. Ranthambore
  3. Udaipur
  4. Jodhpur
  5. Jaisalmer

Now that we’ve got 5 cities, 7 days, and almost 1150km on road, it’s time to pack those bags.

I prefer carrying minimal luggage when the trip involves moving around as packing and unpacking exhaust me. A good pair of shoes for walking around forts and cities and 3 comfortable pairs of clothing and enough water reservoir to last through the car journeys should do.

Things to keep while traveling

  • A pair of shoes
  • 3 pairs of clothing
  • Enough water for the long car journeys

A phone and cash are the basics. In case you’re from another country, keep your passport handy. Besides, Rajasthan is, in general, a very tourist-friendly place and you must not worry about much.

Accommodations in Jaipur:

Here are some accommodations at great prices on Booking.com.


Click through ‘See all deals’ for more choices.

Cheaper accommodations: Since you’ll be accommodating in a lot of different places, it’s good to set a strong budget for your trip. For smaller budgets, check out HostelWorld for stays in Jaipur – some stays start as low as Rs. 200 per night. (I saw one starting at Rs. 69 for dorm room accommodation, have a look at that as well). https://prf.hn/l/75dbMyR

Also, I suggest you check out the best eating places and shopping hotspots around Rajasthan. Go through the articles and inculcate stops as per your taste and convenience.

With all the essentials in hand, let’s get started with the Rajasthan travel blog:

Day 1: Land at Jaipur Airport

Land at Jaipur Airport and the trip begins.

Check-in at the hotel and relax till noon. Have lunch anywhere around and go for something light if you’re not an Indian. Rajasthani food is high on spices and you want to give your body some time to adapt. Nevertheless keep antacids handy, just in case.

Post Lunch we decided to visit the Amber Palace. It has an entry fee of around Rs 10, Rs 100, and Rs 500 based on where you come from. Amber palace is beautiful and it housed the Shekhawat Rulers.  We spent a lot of time in the fort and left shortly before dinner and had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Day 2: Head to Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal, rajasthan travel blog
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Rajasthan Travel Blog: Hawa Mahal

We hired a cab from the hotel reception and headed to see the Hawa Mahal in the morning. Some very nominal entry fee and 2hrs of loitering around the picturesque building. A photograph with Hawa Mahal in the background is the standard “I visited Jaipur” signature.

We had Daal Baati for lunch at a Rajasthani Bhojnalay with Rs. 200/person. Authentic and affordable.

Post lunch we headed to Chand Baori stepwell. To be honest I wasn’t really impressed because I’ve seen a bigger and much intricate step well at “Rani ki vaav, Paatan, Gujarat”. However, for those first-time traveling western India, do not miss out on Chand Baori.

Jaipur, Chand Baori
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Chand Baori: Stepwell

We reached Jantar Mantar right before sunset. It’s a sundial so sun timing matters. I was just so proud to see foreigners and Indians acknowledging and appreciating ancient Indian Wisdom.

We had snacked heavily on Pyaaz Kachoris and Mawa Kulfi and hence decided to skip dinner. The rest of the time was spent walking through the local bazaars.

We booked a Ranthambore Safari for the next day at the hotel reception. However, if your hotel doesn’t provide such services then you can just check out this site for precise information.

Day 3: Make it to Ranthambore early Morning

We reached Ranthambore early in the morning around 8.30 in the cab. With a prebooked Jeep for Safari, the safari was already over by noon with no tiger insight. Sigh. However, say you are a forest lover then this is definitely a unique experience. We headed straight off from Ranthambore to Udaipur and reached Udaipur before dinner time.

I want to point out that we travel across Rajasthan in a hired cab but you can hire a cab to guide you across your whole route for Rs15-20k. Again, if this seems of budget then use the railways or buses. I personally prefer buses because they are easier to navigate with.

Day 4: Visit Udaipur

Since we’ve been to Udaipur multiple times, we used it only as a halting station. You can chill around the city and wear off the safari fatigue.

Some random history: Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur were ruled by 3 different dynasties. Hence there are minor cultural and lingual deviations. Jaipur was under the Shekhawat’s, Udaipur(Mewar) was under the Sisodias and Jodhpur(Marwar) was ruled by Rathores.

There are forts and palaces all across Rajasthan, I’m just not going to deny it. But, it’s essential to realize that they are all very different from each other. Each monument tells a story and it requires patience and a lot of background knowledge to appreciate the sheer beauty and magnificence of these palaces.

I know people who say things like, “Rajasthan is all about ruins and forts and there’s a lot of walking around. It’s dry and not visually appealing”. I don’t like such people. Just an opinion.

Day 5: Head to Jodhpur

We checked out of the hotel early in the morning and headed for Jodhpur with 5 hours of traveling. We reached Jodhpur by noon and then just slept a good while.

Here are some accommodations to check out on Booking.com:


For budget accommodations, check out HostelWorld deals here. Some start at Rs. 250 per night.

In the evening around 4.00, we left for the “Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park“. My parents are really into botany and this was on our list.

Day 6: Check out the Mehrangarh Fort

We visited the “Mehrangarh Fort” in the morning and Jaswant Thada in the evening. Again, two very beautiful buildings with their own stories.

jodhpur, rajasthan travel blog
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Blue City: Jodhpur

When you pay close attention, you’ll see Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur provide totally different vibes and stand out from each other.

You may not believe it till you actually do it, but each fort feels new and the first time. And that’s the glory of Rajasthan. Do get your differences between forts and palaces clear.

Day 7: Experience the Jaisalmer desert

Rajasthan travel blog: We reached Jaisalmer early in the morning and after a hearty breakfast of “Malpua” and “Chana Puri,” we hired another local cab for sightseeing.

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Golden city: Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is essentially a desert and I love deserts! They feel familiar and homely to me. We checked in at a desert camp at 6.30. There are a lot of them in Jaisalmer and you can find yourself one as per your budget and requirements. Ours was a tent for 4 with an inbuilt attached washroom.

Jaisalmer, rajasthan travel blog
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Rajasthan Travel Blog: Cenotaphs in Jaisalmer

There are common dining areas with traditional food and hookah and folk dances by the campfire. One of its kind experiences. this is also the best spot for stargazing, away from city lights and pollution. Mild winters, campfire, desert, and a starry sky.

Day 8: Get back to Jodhpur by Bus

We took a bus from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur after breakfast in the morning and took a flight to Mumbai from Jodhpur.

As someone who understands the local language, navigating around the state becomes very easy for me, but as a foreigner, I suggest customizing a trip with a tour guide for a hassle-free experience. It will be expensive, anywhere from Rs. 25k-50k based on your hotel choices.

However, to travel by public transport and live in budgeted places then expenses come down to Rs15k.

If you want to know more about off-track places in Rajasthan then check out this blog on Kumbhalgarh.


Coming to the end of the Rajasthan travel blog, there are so many variations to this trip, this is just my take on the essentials. When you are on a tight schedule but want to experience it all then this should be perfect with all major destinations covered.

Desert, Dynasties, Safaris, and Architectural wonders are the core of a wholesome Rajasthan trip!

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