Ombak Putih Bungalows Review

The place that we’d booked in to crash for the nights in Bali was Ombak Putih Bungalows. I don’t think there could have been a better homely place this one for our large families! Here’s all about Ombak Putih Bungalows review.

While most look to reside the popular tourist hub (Ubud), Ombak Putih bungalows lies on the southern side of Bali in Tenjong Benoa. Only 15km from Ngurah Rai Airport, it heads the opposite direction from the path of to Ubud.

Though most Bali leans on tourism for livelihood, so does Tenjong Benoa. This spot is known for various watersport activities. Yet this place definitely is quiter than tourist hubs.

Ombak Putih Bungalows Review: Convenience of Transport

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Like popular resorts in Bali, it’s close by to the bay- Batara Dive and Watersports. It takes around a 30-minute drive from the airport.

Address: Jl. Pratama no.101- Tj. Benoa- Kec. Kuta Sel.- Kabupaten Badung- Bali 80361- Indonesia

The place is far from the city’s center yet not too isolated. There are supermarkets and local restaurants all in walkable distances. The streets get moderately crowded at nights as we used to go out looking for a place to eat.

As for getting around Bali from Tenjong Benoa, it’s placed on one end of Bali. But with petrol inexpensive in Indonesia, not many use the public transport. Most reliable way to get around is scooter rentals and car charters. As long as you have a valid driving license, get your own rental to get around from here. is my favorite site when in Southeast Asia (especially Singapore). Book your chartered car trip or scooter rentals through

The site lets you customize your group size, preferred language for driver, and timings for reasonable rates! Check out your preferred transport below:

High Walls, Lush Interior, and a Pool

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Ombak Putih Bungalows review: Look at my fat lil tummy

No doubt, anyone would prefer a beachside villa overlooking the sunsets touching the sea. But staying at Ombak Putih Bungalows, it’s wholly another paradise.

Some look for the perfect spot to be away from the busy life, and this place gives you that! Ombak Putih Bungalows with its lush gardens, stone-paved pathways, and bamboo furniture, is inevitable the escape one looks for.

I was a kid back then when I stayed in these bungalows. But looking into the place, it’s quite popular for couples too. The property isn’t that large and can accommodate 3-4 groups tops. The property also boasts its pool amidst the garden.

It isn’t large enough for an actual swim, but just right to take a dip for the evening.

We’d relax here every evening after making small trips around Bali.

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Ombak Putih Bungalows Review

Recommended Accommodation in Bali

That brings us to the end of this Ombak Putih Bungalows review. There are about 4-5 large bedrooms excluding the two on the first floor. Since we were along with other families, you could say we were a pretty large group. So we booked the entire stay – thus having the pool all to ourselves.

People usually come to Bali to visit the breathtaking temples, trek Mount Batur, or at least for its watersport facilities. However, there are others who prefer to come and reside. People who are just looking for a change. Ombak Putih Bungalows would be completely ideal for this.

Nonetheless, we all know that Bali is no short of accommodations. Be it backpackers hostel, luxury resorts, or mid-range family hotels. For backpackers, my best recommendation is HostelWorld. Not only the prices are affordable, most people that book through the site are like-minded travel enthusiasts!

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As for family booking, is my next best suggestion. I’ve used so much that now I’ve reached the Genius level (I get great offers now).

With my experience, here are some accommodations that I handpicked for you in Bali:

  1. The Dayuh (Ubud)
  2. Arimba at Bisma
  3. Desak Putu Putera Cottages
  4. The Runik Ubud
  5. Outpost Ubud Coliving Suites
  6. Saren Indah Hotel
  7. Jati 3 Bungalows
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Ombak Putih Bungalows review

So there’s really nothing you need to be worried about. You can check for pricing below (links to During my stay here, I visited a lot of places around Bali.

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