Ultimate Writers Work Review (2022 update)

Is Writers Work Legit? Yes, Writers Work is legit. Knowing your way around online writing, Writers Work is a great platform for you.

Before you proceed, read this Writers Work review to make sure it’s what you’re looking for. Also, this is NOT an affiliated review.

I am NOT an affiliate of Writers Work. I am a user, and I’ve good reason to be.  This is a long post – help yourself with this table. Here goes the Writers Work review.

*This post contains affiliate link(s). Writers Work is NOT an affiliate partner. I receive a commission from the other affiliate links at no additional cost of the products to you. I only recommend products that I trust and use.

Writers Work Review – Is Writers Work legit?

Writers Work is a legit website for freelance writers. It is NOT a scam. While there are many websites out there that rip off writers and waste their precious hours, Writers Work isn’t one of them.

But to those that aren’t willing to work hard, then it isn’t for you. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Introducing Writers Work

Writers Work review: It is an online application or service for writers, specifically freelancers. It’s a one-stop platform where the writer checks out the latest writing job postings from various sites. Though they do have a ‘University Library’ in the app, it’s not an academy that employs writers.

How does this help you? Simple. Online writers and freelancers don’t rely on one job, client, source, or customer – they have various sources of income. This is where Writer Work aims to kick in.

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It gives a platform for writers to find their best-suited job within some clicks. When all the writer’s projects are in one place, it has the advantage of easy management. 

Though their advertising seems tempting, it’s NOT that simple – especially for beginners with freelancing. Now that we know it’s legit, let’s get to the next significant part of this Writers Work review. Is it worth it?

Writers Work review: Is Writers.work worth $47?

writers work 47
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Is Writers Work legit? As you see, there are two options when it comes to pricing. One’s the 15 dollars for the subscription for one month- hence a monthly payment plan. The other is a one-time or a  ‘lifetime’ payment of 47 dollars. Now is it worth the price? That depends on you.

Of course, it’s mentioned that the price of 47 is a 50% discount with the real price at 94 dollars, which makes it all the way more tempting. It is 2021 now, I took that screenshot above about a year ago, and the price remains $47. Don’t sweat it, you’ve got plenty of time to decide.

When I bought it I had to pay by card – now it’s possible to purchase through Google Pay.

The service also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That gets you all wrapped up. 

It’s a legit company alright. But I’m not recommending it either. It has been useful at times and wasted my time too. Some jobs that were posted were expired. Speaking of jobs, let’s see the writing sites that Writers Work links to.

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Job listings in Writer.work

There are two places in Writers Work where a writer works on. There’s the ‘Submission’ page where typically a one-time project or gigs are brought into the dashboard.

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These are from various sites ranging from article prices 0 to 2000 dollars, sites paying by word (per word rate- 0 to 325 dollars).  Set in your filters the number of word counts or give in a pitch.

I felt there are not many chances of getting a gig there, so I use the other page- the ‘Jobs’ page. Here, there is a little more hope where you submit your application with a resume to different sites and postings till you get a job.  

Of course, Freelancer.com has this feature too, but it still is great. There are more filters available here, so go crazy with your specifications. Most of the jobs posted here are from the sites below:

  • JournalismJobs
  • Mediabistro
  • Indeed
  • Problogger
  • Craigslist
  • Writers.work (yes, it does have its own system but it isn’t popular)


Being focused on the writing industry, the number of jobs posted per day on Writers Work is less. I keep an eye on my best-suited writing job, but they’re hard to come by. On average, 5 to 7 new job postings come up every day (excluding weekends) – all from the various sites listed above.

Another thing to keep in mind: Make sure you have Microsoft Outlook functional. It will come in handy for some job applications.

How much can you make with Writers Work? 

Though their adverts say you’ll start earning from 20-65 dollars per gig/hour within 30 minutes, it isn’t that simple. Get started away with the training of course, but there is no telling of how much you can make. You can even have zero outcomes when taken lightly.


Is it worth the amount? I say that it all depends on you. The training that they provide is no doubt great. The training is through a number of modules containing videos.

At the initial, a book of about 100 pages is provided. Made for a writer who’s about to start his career, it covers all aspects of freelancing writing.

As the website claims, the platform does indeed function well with both, an experienced writer and a beginner. Say you already are an experienced writer, then I’d say you’ll flourish – considering you work for it.

But to a beginner, it is going to take a while. But when writing for money, the training is worth the amount and effort.

The best part about the training

When I went through the training, I found that there was no beating around the bush. While it’s possible to find the same information over the internet for free, it is ad-free with a cleaner environment.

The training guides you on how to deal with clients. Starting from how to price your work to the best methods for payment from the clients. And also what we should do in a situation where the client doesn’t agree to pay.

Need a qualification for writing these gigs?

To sign up but are afraid that you don’t have any specific qualifications related to writing, there isn’t much to worry about. As I said, this needs effort. Through the training, find yourself the best method to establish yourself as a writer.

As for me, I’ve got this website that you are currently in. This provides a portfolio for the applications I fill up. And so far, I say the results have been good as one company approved my application! (Just an application, I still haven’t received any projects to work on)

So there’s no need to worry about the qualifications.


From a practical angle – For 47 Dollars, you’re getting training and a dashboard where jobs are easily available to you. But getting these jobs? There is NO guarantee that you’ll land a client at all even after paying the amount. This applies, especially when you’re a complete beginner.

When visiting some other website reviews about Writers Work, I found mentioning of the job postings are expired. This is true. Many of the writing job postings that I’ve clicked through were already expired. But looking at the overview, Writers Work is a new land. Developments are still to be made.

(Update November 2020: The number of expired jobs is lesser and lesser now, a great improvement!).

Some issues to be mended in the system

I’m sure that this will be taken care of sooner or later, no doubt about that. Moreover, Writers Work has a customer support system where one can ask anything related to writing there. The question will be answered in a few minutes.

No, a bot doesn’t answer. An actual person on the other side does. I’ve tried it myself. Apart from this, Writer Work claims to have over 60 000 users.

Is Writers Work Legit – What else does it offer?

Apart from the exclusive training which is definitely worth the initial investment and the job dashboard, they also provide their own document formatting editor (Something similar to Microsoft Word).

This word processor is optimized for a full-time writer. It also provides an analysis of the words we type. This includes readability score, grade reading level, and even the sentiment of the piece and so on.

Looking for an app to help you write better? – Or help you proofread, then Grammarly is just right for you!

(Check out my Grammarly review here)

The word processor is so optimized that they even provide tunes that people are used to. Such as the noise in a busy cafe! I found this amusing at first, but it does help under certain circumstances.

The smaller tools provided

Apart from this, on the home page, a complete analysis of the work that we’ve done so far is displayed. This consists of the number of characters and words typed and the exact amount of time spent writing.

There are a few smaller things on the application such as reminders and task management. Unless you get used to it, it isn’t handy. Explore them later. These small tools come to be very useful!

Something I can’t hide

A small fact that I want you to keep in mind and something that I won’t keep away from this Writers Work review. I still have NOT received any solid opportunities for freelancing through their platform.

After submitting several applications to several companies and establishments, I’m still waiting for a call.

Yes, I did mention that I had an application approved, but no. There has been no contact with the company after the application approval.

As soon as I get an opportunity, I’ll be sure to let all of you here know!

Other features

Some other features that I didn’t highlight are given below. These didn’t seem important to me but considering what my readers know, I’ve provided them below.

  • A separate ‘Submissions’ page. Here, you submit an article or a pitch. The site has to approve you before you proceed and get paid for it. These are submissions, not jobs.
  • Portfolio: A separate page to display your works and give an elaboration about your services for your client.


So here are are the pros and cons in total:


  • Easy to use
  • For a one-time payment of 47, you’ll be getting the training
  • A dashboard where writing gigs of all sorts end up there.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • Portfolio feature
  • A great inbuilt writing application with the analysis too.


  • You’re getting the training. Nobody is going to guide you to your first gig to work on.
  • The dashboard has gigs alright, but there isn’t any guarantee you get even one of those writing jobs.
  • Some of the jobs(a handful) offered are expired. But as I said, they’ll come around later. (Update November 2020: this has been taken care of to a great extent now).
  • Not many job options to choose from every day.
  • Portfolio feature. It’s just good. It could be better with additional features.

Screenshots of Writers Work

Writers Work will guide you with the training. But your job is to work upon that! Decided to really get your fingers dirty? I don’t see what should be holding you back. Go ahead and check out Writers.work!

Here are a few screenshots of the app:

  1. The Portfolio:
writers work review portfolio
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Writers work review – My Portfolio and account page

2. University – the place with all the training:

Writers work review library
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3. Home with analysis.

Writers Work Review
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Is Writers Work legit: Homepage View

4. Job board:

Writers Work Review dashboard
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Writers Work Review: The dashboard view

Let me stop there with the screenshots. I felt these are most essential to the readers and interested candidates out there. That’s all for now.

Anyway, all of this information is from my perspective. I found this review on HomeWorking Club to be more detailed than mine. So have a look there too. (There had been a controversy of the people who own Writers Work, and the site  I mentioned made a clear note on that aspect too)

Other sites that offer more Writers.work review:

  1. Quora- Writers Work Review
  2. Atutor.ca
  3. FullTimeHomeBusiness – Is Writers Work legit?
  4. Medium

And that’d be it for the Writers work review from my perspective.

The alternatives to Writers Work

To land a great writing job that pays decently, you don’t need to begin with a paid platform. So the best alternative is to keep tabs on all the jobs that you see on professional networking sites. Most of them are free to start with – all you need is a great resume to kickstart with.

One of the best sites for this is LinkedIn. Others are Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork. Moreover,  fill out the details right and they’ll notify you whenever there are job postings that fit your skills.

Keep your resume ready and fill out those application forms for jobs that best suit you.

That concludes my Writers work review. I hope I’ve been helpful to you today :)

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25 thoughts on “Ultimate Writers Work Review (2022 update)”

  1. All this information was very helpful. I learned a little of copywriting and what it entails. What I really enjoyed was the comments of others before me. I now have a better perspective in what Im getting myself into as far as copywriting for employment. It sounds like a hard business to get into. I’m going to try and get my first job anyway with all the free information I have accumulated in the last month.

  2. Well, if you’re passion about writing and want to make extra income, then I say just trust your instincts or fellow your heart of what’s right/good for you.

  3. Hi Manas – I stumbled upon WritersWork while I was trying to learn more about CCA (Comprehensive Copywriting Academy) and am curious if you have heard of CCA? I have writing experience from many years ago working in Public Relations, majored in journalism in college (many years ago), and just have a knack for the written word, and really want to start writing freelance to make money. From what I understand, it is really hard to get into freelance writing and so I looked into CCA to potentially help me get a jumpstart. Please let me know if you have heard of this and, if so, what you think of things like this. Thank you!

  4. Hi Maddy,

    Thank you for this input. I’m thinking if I should gamble my $49 for this. I just want to clarify, are the jobs posted on the dashboard (screenshots) up for bidding like in freelancer? Or you have to submit an application and compete with other applicants/writers like in a regular job opening? Thanks!


    1. Hello Athena,

      Thank you for your response! Unlike Freelancer.com, here the job posting links out to different sites like Indeed and Problogger where you either bid or apply for a regular job opening. But most of which I’ve seen are like regular job openings for freelance writers.

  5. Hello out there in the writers’ world…..

    I have recently retired from a long-time job I loved. I am now hoping to make some grocery money (at least) by writing – along with soothing my aching heart, missing all the wonderful people I had to leave upon retirement. I have always loved writing and have been fortunate to have been able to do a bit of it in my various positions along my way through life. My downfall is technology. Being a 68-year-old gal, I learned to type on a manual typewriter in the ’60s and unfortunately do not have a natural bent toward today’s technology…I feel quite lost in it, honestly. Will the WritersWork training address that issue at all? If yes, great! If not, would it be a waste of $47? I will greatly appreciate any information I receive from those of you who know. Thank you – and many blessings! Deb

    1. Hello Debbie,

      Thank you for reaching out! And if you’re really 68, it’s wonderful that you’re out to comment on my tiny blog here. I wish you all the best for writing!

      Regarding your question, if you’re only seeking out the training aspect of writing, I genuinely wouldn’t recommend buying it. All the information that you’ll need to begin writing in this world today is already out there for free. Besides, just like the old days, the methods of pitching or applying as a writer remain the same – except it’s all on a monitor now. And yes, building a portfolio helps.

      Here’s a great article I found that you can begin with for starters: https://wise.com/us/blog/how-to-start-freelance-writing

      Again, thanks for reaching and great luck!

  6. Nisha Bhat Mukoo

    Hi Manas,

    I have been a writer in the past( almost 10 years ago) , I have no idea why did I stop doing it coz I was really Goodall it, got paid handsomely. Now, when I am in desperate need of a job, I came across this website and felt hopeful and really wish to start over as a beginner and learn how to become a professional. I just subscribed on the writers work website, paid 47usd via credit card. I have not received any confirmation, a joining link or login details or anything from them except the text that 47 usd has been debited from my account. It’s kinda worrying. But, after reading your review, I feel better rather less worried.
    I need your advice on Freelancer.com. I have made a profile on that, and applied for a few content writing jobs, 2 of them replied, asking for a deposit of about 1500rs each before starting. I checked their profile and both are blank. Are these people genuine ? Or scamsters ? Suggestions are welcome

    1. Hi Nisha, thanks a lot for reaching out. I didn’t experience the delay you faced on Writers work and I’m sorry to hear that.
      Regarding Freelancer.com, like I mentioned on the other comments, I haven’t been writing for anyone for some time now, except on this blog.
      But if they’re asking for a so-called deposit, I’d suggest just walking away. You’re writing to get paid, not the other way around. I’ve seen a lot of these job posts, they come up on a lot of sites. Any legit job wouldn’t ask for money from its employee. So yeah, keep finding- it takes time, but it’s worth the effort!

      1. Thank you Maddy. I have faith I will get better writing gigs, for now I am focusing on learning more through writers work.

  7. it would be nice to know if anyone has ever made a dime on this sight. ill put the time in but it would be more comforting to know its not a scam, reply if you have made profit from this sight please.

  8. Hi Maddy,

    Thank you for your post. I find it helpful as I am thinking of joining. Typically, unless it’s a school or university situation, I shy away form paying money to make money, if you know what I mean. Particularly as in this case as you said that the jobs are not easy to come by, some are expired, nor do they help you find a job. But on the other hand, from you say, it appears that the training is worth the price of $47.00. Thanks again. Wishing you every success in your endeavours.

  9. Maddy. Thank you for you post. I’m curious if you think the extra training for an extra $99 is worth it. Offering a 30-minute coach and a toolkit. Also a little confused. Your post is dated this year but all the comments and questions are dated last year. Why the difference?
    Thanks again


    1. Hey Darryl,
      To be honest, I bought the one-time subscription for $47 and nothing else, so I can’t tell you about the extra training and toolkit for $99. I just checked my account and I only see two training courses subscriptions – both at $84.15 each (‘A Beginner’s Guide to Writing for the Web’ and ‘Jumpstarting Your Freelance Writing Career’).

      Regarding my post and comments, yes – I wrote this post over a year ago. But every couple of months I update my reviews on this site for SEO purposes. I make sure I cover any changes in the products I’ve written on.
      But again, thanks for visiting!

      Manas Patil

      1. Hello Maddy,

        Thank you for your reviews.

        I see your last post was July 3, 2020 but do not see in that post if you have made any money from this site yet. May I ask if that has changed since your post on June 13, 2019?



        1. Hi Taylor,

          Thanks for visiting. It’s true – I haven’t mentioned making any money from the site yet, because I haven’t. But that’s a different scenario.

          A year ago, I wasn’t studying at a University, and I had time for freelancing gigs. Assuming that I could land more with Writers Work, I paid for it… and later wrote this review on my site. But I haven’t had time to invest in applying for any internships (they have those as well), freelancing gigs, or any jobs through it. I currently just write blogs here and maintain this site.

          But with the lockdown still on the go now, I have time. I was planning to get back to it all – Writers Work, Problogger, Jooble, and so on. So if I do land a legit gig through this site, I shall let you know about it (and update this post).

          Warm regards,

          1. Maddy, you included other places to find writing jobs which is good but you also say to keep your resume ready and my question is if you are a beginner who has never written for anything how should we prep our resumes in order to get these jobs?

            1. Hello Sheryll,
              Though I’ve been into writing only for a few years now, I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner. I wrote several paid articles for a travel site as my first freelance experience and further had an internship on a men’s lifestyle blog.
              While I was applying for these jobs, I didn’t apply to one – I had submitted my resume to dozens of different companies to nail just one job later.

              So speaking about getting a writing job, it just isn’t easy – it takes time.

  10. Thank you. This was helpful. Really wanted to know how it was. If it is worth the $47 in training then sorting through the gig is ok. I mean provided that improves down the road.

  11. Hi Mandy,

    Great article. Since you published this article, have you had any paying gigs? If so, how much did you make?

    All the best,

    1. Hi there Edison…
      No, unfortunately, I still haven’t recieved any writing gigs yet. On the other hand, currently I’m not in search of writing gigs so that explains it. But if I do get one soon, I’ll be sure to inform you!
      I actually found writers work very similar to freelancer.com. So if you’ve recieved gigs from there, it shouldn’t be difficult to get some here.

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