Why Not To Use Grammarly? A detailed look into the Writing tool

The question isn’t – Why not to use Grammarly? It is When. Truth be told, I use it for most of my works. In fact, I use Grammarly to help me. But for some particular works, I avoid doing so. In this article, we’ll see when NOT to use Grammarly and why.

Is Grammarly Safe?

Yes, Grammarly is pretty safe as it connects through a secure connection. There is no question about it. Let’s think about it logically here, it is the fastest-growing grammar checker on the internet. They charge you for their premium subscriptions. Looking at Grammarly’s privacy policy, they are doing all they can to provide security along with the best services. Their reputation is on the line for it.

But with respect to how you use it, it also matters a lot. Use it where it is really essential. Grammarly is a tool made for online writers, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, for building a neat resume for a person, and the list goes on.

So make use of it to do all of that. What you shouldn’t do is use Grammarly when you draft up confidential information that you wouldn’t prefer people snooping around or when you’re typing in your password.

It is as simple as that. If you go through the Privacy Policy page, you will see that they do not share your personal data with third parties to deliver ads to you. All in all, it is safe. However, there is another place where you can’t use it (yet).

Creative Writing with Grammarly

Sure, Grammarly is on its way to help you with proofreading any kind of document you have. But it isn’t there yet – and it has a long way to go. Apart from writing blog posts, I also write stories (currently on Wattpad) and creative posts on Medium. What I’ve realized is while Grammarly helps you make the best version of your content and points out every mistake you made… it doesn’t yet get creative writing.

To stick with it, it isn’t made to achieve the next level of professionalism in writing. It’s a tool to help you write better, and that is that. On the contrary, it can get there someday with its AI.

Why Not to Use Grammarly: Here’s an Example

When I talk about this, let me give you an example. Say you are writing a story with a character named Simon. Now in the first chapter, you have mentioned that Simon has gray hair. If you accidentally write brown hair the second time, Grammarly wouldn’t notice it. But it just might.

AI and machine learning, it has the potential to serve us better. But just not yet. If you have your own unique way of writing, stay with it. Grammarly shall help you with correcting the spelling mistakes you made and punctuation errors.

But converting passive to active voices, rephrasing sentences to make it easy to read and so on, (Grammarly Premium features) see to it that it doesn’t make your words less effective to your readers when you make these changes.


If you see writing as a job and have a lot of work on your head, Grammarly is perfect for you. But for writing in your own creative style where people recognize you with it, it’s better to go for an editor box that won’t touch your mistakes. Hand it over to an editor who will proofread it for you.

Because Grammarly cannot replace an editor in person yet. To check out the entire review I made of Grammarly after I got its premium version, click here.

*This post contains affiliate links where I receive a commission at no additional cost of the products to you. I only recommend products that I use and trust.

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