Ultimate Travelista Club Review

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Note: This entire Travelista Club review is based on my personal experience. Particularly, writing an article for the Travelista Club. Not an affiliate of any sort and nor am I promoting any other site or business here.

Update 2023: Travelista Club and Writers Academy don’t pay freelancers any more. However, they do accept guest posts for their sites. I’ll let you know if anything changes. The rest of this post is outdated and will be updated if Travelista Club begins to pay again. Until then, cheers!

Now, if you’re looking for a straightforward answer if the Travelista Club program / Travelista Club Team really does pay you $40 for writing a piece of over 1000 words… or is Travelista Club legit, yes it does. Well, it used to at least. 

Just like you, I wasn’t sure either but as I really had nothing to lose and had ample time, I decided to give it a shot. To write, some of the requirements include identifying yourself through Instagram or Facebook. Recently, the Google plus option has come up too.

Having a Domain of your own

The next essential requirement is to have a website/blog of your own. The program will guide you through the entire procedure of purchasing a site from Godaddy (another website where one can purchase domains for a period of time) if you don’t have one. Now here is where I made my first blunder.  

I followed the procedure thoroughly, got a domain in my name. Then I tried to submit the site directly. It was rejected immediately. Never submit an empty/contentless domain.  The domain is a requirement so that the person who hires you to write, can first go through your works on your site. So I made my next move by writing up a few pages and posts on the domain.

Make sure you have at least 5000 words of content before submitting it for review. After slightly filling up the site with some content, I resubmitted it. 

Travelista Club Review: Things to Remember

Another important thing that they ask, is to not submit free blogging sites for review. Not only the Travelista Club, but many of the other sites that pay for writing do not accept free blog sites. Some of these include Wix.com and Blogspot. But as I was going through the procedures, I did find an option that could convert blogs from these sites to paid sites. 

Anyway,  sometime later I received an email saying that my blog was approved. I was eligible to write. Soon I got down to work. Wrote an article on Batam Riau, Indonesia. The first time I submitted the article, it wasn’t approved. I received an email to change heading sizes (H3 to H2 something like this). I made the necessary changes and resubmitted it. A day later, the article was approved. I was ‘paid’ the amount. As the Writers Agency mentions, the payments are made every Friday according to Australian time. 

So still being in a dilemma, I waited patiently for the day to arrive. When it did in the morning, bingo! The amount had been transferred to my Paypal account.

So far, that is the only piece I’ve written so far for Travelista. So there is no guarantee that after you write and get paid for your first article, you will get another chance. But if you’re a pro, you just might get it. In the meantime, the Writers Agency provides training for online writers. This website that you are on, is basically my training grounds. So go ahead, give it a shot. I say it’s worth it! 

If you have any questions, you’re free to ask below. I’ll attend to it as quickly as possible. 

Travelista Club Review- Updated on 4th March 2019 

With respect to the guarantee if you will get another chance, a small update… If you really make a lovely website and if Writers Agency rates your website ‘A’, then the possibilities of getting another chance are high. Recently, my blog was reviewed and this time the rating jumped from ‘C’ to ‘A’, and just a few days later, I received another job offer. 

This is how the ratings are actually made:

  • A – a fully developed portfolio based on the training
  • B – a partially developed portfolio
  • C – a barely touched portfolio with little content.
  • D -the portfolio is offline or has errors

How to get your site reviewed again? Simple. Send a message on your Writers Academy account and wait for a while to get your site reviewed. You’ll get a response soon- given that the Writers Academy team is pretty reliable and quick. 

So, to all of you out there, don’t panic, stay calm (I know they’re the same thing) and be patient. If you really write well, Writers Agency will be watching you. Anyway, if you really develop your blog well, you can ask them right away to review and rate your blog again yourself. Some people asked me- how do I ask them?

I’m not aware of other alternatives but the best way would be to send a message to them. That would be on the bottom.

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Travelista club review

Another Update (30 April 2019)

I do hope this review on Travelista Club helped all the ones who wish to proceed with Travelista Club and Writers Academy. But honestly, I have not gone into all the technical aspects here. This was to be completely user-friendly.

Anyway, if you further want to know why a website would actually pay you 40 bucks for just an article on their site, I found another article by another person that might help you. It seems to me that this person is more experienced with respect to blogs.

So here is his site Written in Paradise

He’s given an explanation on Private Blog Network which I think all of you here might find interesting.

Writers Academy Review

On one of my previous on the Travelista Club, I mentioned that the Australian site does pay. However, I had mentioned in the ending that there was no guarantee that you will get another opportunity to write for them. Let us put it in thoroughly, the Writers.Academy portal recommends you to purchase a domain that will cost about 20 Australian dollars or 12 USD.

Do I have to buy a domain?

So if you’re by any chance a bit business-minded, you would probably take a step back as you would be investing in a website with no guarantee for getting those 40 bucks. Well, I’m one of those persons who decided to take a risk. Moreover, I wanted to have my own website.

Buying a website for half the price they’re paying you?

So anyway I purchased a domain from Godaddy. The website that you’re currently is the one I’m talking about. Later after putting some content on the website and submitting my website for review, it was finally approved. So with an idea to write on a place that I lived in before, I wrote on Batam Riau, Indonesia.

This is the article that was submitted and approved for 40 dollars. → Things to do in Indonesia, Batam Riau

So I thought… and just the way everyone thinks, that that was it. I made a profit of just around 20 Australian bucks. Now it definitely doesn’t sound very attractive but here’s where things get interesting…

I wrote for Writers.Academy for the second time!

Travelista Club review. After you write for the first time, in your Writer Agency account, there is a training that is available where there is an explanation on how the blog rankings work and how you can actually get more work. Honestly, I didn’t follow up with the training much.

Instead, I became involved in writing for my own website. Now recently, about a month back, I got a message from the academy and they had changed up my blog rating to A (It was ‘C’ the last time I had seen it).

This was the message.

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Travelista club review

And just as the message promised, within some time, I was given another opportunity to write. I had choices to write on several products. I chose to write for StylePlus where they gave me a job to write on Riverwood Acoustics, a premium end speaker made of 300-year-old Riverwood. That was an amazing one.

That is not all!

Travelista Club Review: Just a few days down the line, another job offer was given by the Academy! This time I wrote on RideAir. Fitness gear. This was by Twisted Fitness.

This is the piece that I wrote on RideAir → RideAir/Twisted-Fitness

So now this is how the ‘My Articles’ page looks like in my account.

Travelista Club review
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Travelista club review

Update, Oops too many tiny updates?

Too many updates coming for this review on Travelista Club? I just like to keep my readers informed. A small notice to all those who already are in the era of writing promotional articles through Writers Academy: Choose the product wisely. Sometimes, the promotional articles that are mentioned are outdated.

Recently, I had chosen one and then realized that the company’s website was shut down. So for a month, I had to just wait for a response.

Before you choose a product, make a small research on Google if the company is still on and then proceed. Later, not to worry, Writers Academy apologized for the inconvenience and gave a blog-type article to write for Travelista. That’s another case.

Screenshots of pages through the portal

This is the page you’ll see when you log in to your account.

travelista club profile page
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Travelista club review

Travelista club review

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Travelista club review
writers academy
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Travelista club review

Other sites that pay

Thanks for reading my Travelista Club review. Apart from this, if you wish to pursue freelance writing as more of a career than a hobby, a few websites that I’m familiar with might help. They are writers.work and ProBlogger. As far as I’ve had experience with writing, these two spots have helped me out a lot. So I guess they might help you too. 

In case if you do go through writers.work, you might feel hesitant with the deals, so I’ve provided a non-affiliated perspective review on it right here.

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