6 Free Online Content Writing Tools – Here’s why I use them!

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Free Online Content Writing Tools – There are tons of tools you’ve heard of for writing. There are tons of articles for finding the best ones out there as well. But I decided I needed to put out the tools I use for drafting posts. You don’t need to use the best of the best.

What’s important is how comfortable you are with it. With that, here goes the post on free online content writing tools that I use for great content!

*Note: This article contains affiliate links at no additional cost of the products to you.

Top Free Online Content Writing Tools

The first tool that I recommend is Grammarly. Here’s why:


Be it the free version of Grammarly or the premium, Grammarly is a must. Especially when you’re producing much content in a short time

To those of you who don’t know, Grammarly is an online software used for:

  • Proofreading,
  • Checking for plagiarism,
  • Phrase improvisation,
  • And other goodies.

While I use Grammarly most for writing blog posts on this site, it’s also great when I write professional emails, college assignments, or even when I’m writing short stories.

It doesn’t help with logic, but it definitely helps with spelling and grammatical errors.

When you’re on a tight budget and can’t get yourself an editor for your works, Grammarly is the best tool, to begin with. It doesn’t replace the editor of course, but it’s AI and does a wonderful job. I’ve been using Grammarly for 3 years now and still rely on it heavily.

Easy way to use Grammarly (Plugin)

Grammarly offers many ways to make use of its editing tool. The app has its editor box to draft content there and export/import it.

But the plugin is the convenient way of using this tool.

  1. Install the Grammarly extension/plugin on your browser. Check browser compatibility here.
  2. Make an account and configure settings for Grammarly
  3. Once activated, you’ll see its icon on your browser toolbar
  4. Start using it!
  5. Click on the Grammarly toolbar icon to change quick settings such as your preferred English grammar.

While this post is on free online content writing tools, also check out my review on Grammarly Premium.

The most dangerous writing app

Yep, the most dangerous writing app by Squibler.io is exactly what it’s named. The moment you stop typing, all your written works on that page get erased by the app.

the most dangerous writing app, free online content writing tools
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Now, why would anyone need that? Well, we’re writers, aren’t we? The most procrastinating people living. So this app is great to keep a time limit for whatever we are doing. The minimum limit is five minutes. Stop anywhere below that limit, your work goes away – whoosh! Anything between 5 minutes to an hour gets saved.

While it sounds scary to have all your work gone in a second, it really sets you on fire and you begin to write more focused. But the most important of all – you get work done! Believe it or not, I’m currently using this app for writing this article.

Now you see why I suddenly seemed so edgy and honest. All thanks to the most dangerous writing app!

Okay, now I’m typing in another safe editor. But here’s the link to it: The Most Dangerous Writing App (squibler.io).

Google Docs

We all know about Google Docs and use it more than we know. Though released a long time ago, it gained substantial traction not long ago and getting closer to Microsoft Word day by day.

Google Docs – the word editing tool – though doesn’t have as many options as Microsoft Word, it’s still great for simple edits, blog writing, formating texts and images, and the greatest of all, sharing your work online with ease.

After writing, your works are saved on Google drive – leaving no change data loss.

Not long ago, Grammarly made a beta release on Google Docs. And both tools work great together. It’s simple to use, distraction-free (apart from the editing toolbar at the top) and the features that online writers need are all free.

Google Docs and Grammarly

Though Grammarly is running its Beta version on Google Docs, it’s pretty good.

How to enable Grammarly Beta on Google Docs:

  1. Install the Grammarly plugin on your browser (Preferably on Chrome or Edge)
  2. Open a Google docs Word document
  3. Make sure the Grammarly plugin is activated on working on the page.
  4. On your Google docs page, you shall be prompted with a pop-up on the right corner – click on Turn it on
  5. It’s ready for use! To turn it off, click on the Grammarly icon on your plugin toolbar and toggle off writing suggestions on Docs.

When on Google Docs, the plugin toolbar on your browser shall indicate the Grammarly icon with BETA below it.

Want to kickstart your writing career? Here’s a decent writing course on Udemy I found just for you. It’s available at a great discount, don’t miss out!

But what’s an even more writer-friendly editor than Word? It’s Medium.

Medium’s Editor

Have you ever written on Medium.com? You should try that out. Though not meant as a general writing tool, its editor had to be on this list of free online content writing tools.

Medium provides a rich experience for story writers, but I recommend everyone to check it out. Not only is their writing tool simple and user-friendly – their text editor for publishers is just beautiful!

I daresay it’s the most distraction-free tool out there. The real magic is that it has a large variety of text editing options without making it even a little complex to a new user. Sometimes I write my blog posts there – not to publish them on Medium. But rather copy all that text later only to put it on this WordPress site.

So when you’re not publishing articles on Medium, you could at least make use of the amazing tool that they’ve gifted to this era of writers.

I’ve written some articles with my phone on Medium and the mobile version of the editor is impressive as well.

Yoast SEO Content Analysis

This one is more oriented towards blogging and SEO. But everyone can use it as one of the free online content writing tools to some extent.

The readability analysis it provides is reliable, especially when you’re writing articles to be published online. It indicates when:

  • You use too many words in a single paragraph.
  • When you use too many passive sentences.
  • Your sentences are just too long and confusing for a reader.
  • Too many sentences cluster under one heading.
  • You begin sentences with the same starting word continuously.

From an Internet user’s perspective, all of these details matter, and Yoast SEO points it out for you. There are tons of other smaller things that make it very reliable. But let me keep this simple and let you check it out yourself.

For learning SEO from scratch, here’s one of the most popular courses on Udemy at a great price:

It’s free to try it out through the Yoast SEO on WordPress. For a quicker trial, check this tool here: Real-time Content Analysis with Yoast SEO


Wattpad is another great free online content writing tool. It provides a practice ground for writing informative content in the form of stories.

wattpad, free online content writing tools
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Why stories? Well, who wishes to read boring descriptive blogs these days? You’ll need to add some flavors to it. That’s where Wattpad will save you. The Wattpad community is purely made of reading enthusiasts. Meeting the right people and blending in with the right groups will deeply enhance your writing – making even stressful content alluring.

However, the downside is that it takes time to find these people. With most of the content on Wattpad being about teenage romance, it makes it more difficult. The best way is to start writing straight away. They’ll find you instead.

Say you’re working specifically towards story writing, then there isn’t any other platform for you. Wattpad is devoted to storytellers, that’s your haven.

Other articles for you to read:

Other Writing Tools

There are tons of free online content writing tools for writers out there. There’s no ‘best’ list of tools for one to use. As long as you’re comfortable with the tools you use and you get work done, it should be fine.

For short notes, go for Evernote or Google Keep. Some prefer fancy Apple Notes. All of these offer pretty much the same things – they all function great! So a good suggestion would be to stick with the tools that you find most convenient. Tools are made to enhance your performance.

No matter how great they are, that’s all they are.

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