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One question that people often ask writers is what is the best time to write. It isn’t wrong to ask, but it isn’t very right either. It’s a question one should ask oneself. Everyone has their own comfortable timings.

Writing is not just a job to take up, it’s an art form. Sure, I regularly write on this run-for-profit blog. But I take time for each and craft it when I’m at my best.

Writing (unless you’re monotonously writing endless articles for a content site) is something that relies heavily on emotion and ideas. You can be good and bad at it, and timing makes the difference. However, there isn’t a fixed time to sit down and start sketching out. 

My Timing for Writing

When I’m writing my heart out and not a boring school assignment, I like it best when it’s quiet. During the day, I have to deal with my University and usually end up with dinner, DMs, or some Prime series late at night. That leaves out morning (6 Am to 8 Am) and evening (4.30 Pm to 7/8 Pm). 

I personally prefer the morning as the best time to write. However, I work out an hour in the morning at least thrice a week and cycle sometimes in the evenings. So I shift my writing as required. 

The point is, whatever time you choose to write, make sure you write when you’re open to new ideas, and in an environment that you’re fond of.

Some prefer Evenings

For some, evenings are more favorable with writing. Apart from having finished your day, you also have nowhere to hurry to in the evening. Making it a sweet spot to sit down and scribble down. Also, your whole day activity can serve as an inspiration to write.

Schedule Your Work

Most writers, like most artists out there, are natural procrastinators. It’s no big secret. We love to wait till we see the deadline come collision-close to us. It’s alright. In fact, some writers have greater writing performance when they push their work further to the deadline. 

I do it myself and I have to admit – it’s fun. But I also schedule my delays. I plan to push it and pressurize myself later. And it turns alright! One good reason is that when you’re close to the time limit, you tend not to waste a second of the minute.

That gets us to the point, schedule your writing as such that you yield the best of your works in a short time. Some can take three hours to write a 500-word piece. Some do it in less than an hour. It’s best when you immerse yourself into the whole fantasy world that you’re noting down. Thus time sprints are important when writing.

Even scheduling 30 minutes a day for writing does a great deal provided you spend all your 30 minutes in that work. 

Choose a Spot To Write

Choosing your spot to sit down is equally important as when you write. Like I said, the ambiance matters. I can watch a movie on my laptop lying down on my bed.

But when it comes to writing, I sit upright on my chair with my laptop on a desk. Posture, though not frequently heard, is something to look after. 

Introspect Your Time and Work

By the week’s end or month’s end, see how much you’ve written – how many words to be specific. This applies mainly to the online blog content writers, editors, and the tedious working industry. 

Lucky for me, Grammarly gives me a weekly report of my writing performance with several minute details. If you’re ‘writing’ by typing away, consider Grammarly for a change. Check it out, it’s free, to begin with (Although the premium version has much cooler features). 

Another platform to plan out your works is Writers Work. However, it’s a paid option with its own set of pros and cons. Check out my Writers Work review here.

If you aren’t using a computer to write, that’s alright too. As long as you can introspect where you’ve been wasting time and where not, you should be able to improvise accordingly.


So the best time to write? It’s all about you! I highly recommend mornings and evenings, but it is up to your convenience. Have a great day! :)

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