Amazing Mount Batur Sunrise Hike: Perfect 1-Day Trek!

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Mount Batur in Bali itself is a breathtaking spot for a hike, but the early morning view at the top is something else! You’ll need to wake up early. So prep yourself for this amazing Mount Batur sunrise hike.

We woke up at 3 in the morning to start early for the trek. The main feature of this trip is to breathe in the morning’s beauty at the top – the moment when the sun begins to shine.

The hike isn’t tough for people our age (18-30) as long as we’re fit. It’s easy to climb without a guide. But I’d recommend hiring one for this trek. You’ll need help sometimes and the local guides help you out best in such scenarios.

Some facts about Mount Batur:

  1. It isn’t a mountain at all, it’s a live volcano! Should your guide be a good one, he/she will show you puffs of smoke emerging from rocks as you climb up.
  2. The trek up Mount Batur is around two-three hours.

To know more, check out Mount Batur’s Wikipedia page.

Beginning the trek: It was chilly in the morning. However, once we started up Mt Batur, we slowly began to sweat.

Itinerary To Pack for Mount Batur Sunrise Hike

mount batur sunrise hike
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What to wear for Mount Batur Hike

  1. Sports shoes are a must. Some reckless trekkers wear flip-flops throughout, but climbing isn’t something most of us do often. The sports shoes help you with grip as you hike up steeper and slippery rocks.
  2. Comfortable legwear is sufficient. Shorts should also be fine. The hike is all about agility. You don’t need to pull up rigid safari pants, they’ll slow you down.
  3. Jacket to keep you warm.  For the morning trek, you’ll need the jacket on your way up – the Mount Batur sunrise hike starts at 3 AM. It’ll be cold. However, it gets warm after sunrise. We had our jackets tied to our waist when descending.
  4. Holding a stick is optional. Some people have the habit of climbing with a stick in their hands for a stable grip. Get one (or better yet, find one) for yourself if you need it.

Things to Carry on this Trek

  1. Backpack
  2. Water bottle
  3. Torch
  4. And a camera!

Sure, you have to climb.

You’ll take big steps while hopping up rocks. But you don’t need special hiking gear as such to climb Mount Batur. Rigid sports shoes, a torch, and a jacket (if you feel too chilly) are sufficient if your body is in good shape. The locals who guided us up the mountain barely wore shoes.

Some wore a pair of flip-flops and a stick. But I’d strongly recommend wearing sports shoes unless you naturally climb mountains barefoot. The trek up Mount Batur is two-three hours. Thus it’s best to get water along with you.

Carry a small backpack with a water bottle, and definitely a camera!

Sunrise Hike: Accommodation nearby Mount Batur

When visiting Bali, you have two options when it comes to accommodation:

  • Reside at one resort for your whole vacation and travel during the day. For a short duration holiday, staying at one place is cheaper.
  • Change stays every time you’re visiting a new spot. Accommodations in Bali are abundant. For the Mount Batur sunrise hike, it’s best to reside in Kintamani, Bali. For lengthy stays in Bali, check out different stays as different resorts offer different luxuries.

Kintamani is 11 kilometers away from the active volcano – get there by minibus (it’s cheap). With accommodation there, leave at 2 AM to begin your hike. Here are various accommodations from for stays around Mount Batur – Kintamani:

Too many options to pick from? Well, here are some great deals that I picked for you from The dates are set for a one-night stay – click through to change it as per your preference:

For smaller budgets, also check out HostelWorld.

Although there aren’t as many options as on for budget accommodation, there are some to consider. Here’s one close to Mount Batur available at a reasonable rate, click the button below to check it out!

Minimum Age Requirements for the Hike

There’s no rule as such for children. As long as they’re able to climb, they can join. A child over 8 years of age should be eligible to come along.

The guides begin to take you up at 3 in the morning. Dozens of other tourists along with their guides also climb at the same time. It’ll still be dark when you begin. You’ll see torch flashes from other groups coming along. Since there isn’t a single path to go up as you climb higher, there are many tiny paths to take.

But it’s best to follow your hired guide as they know the trail better than you.

Conclusion: Hopping all the way down

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Mount Batur Sunrise Hike

After the whole scenic view with the sunrise, it was time to finally come down. While coming down, the guide wasn’t around anymore. We didn’t need guides by then. The sun was out and we made our way down.

I’d a thick jacket on when I began up Mount Batur. I was sweating and had my jacket tied around my waist when coming down.

And that’s a wrap for this hiking experience. I hope you enjoy your sunrise hike up Mount Batur!

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