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Just a moment before we begin, I would like to let you know that I was pretty young when I visited Kuala Lumpur. I am writing this as I clearly remember all the things that I did along with my family on my trip to Malaysia. Boy, was it a great experience… be patient, I’ll tell you all about it. Anyway, that is a pretty neat start, isn’t it? So let’s begin with this Kuala Lumpur Travel Blog right away!

Landing in Kuala Lumpur

We flew from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur out in the afternoon. I wish we’d traveled at night because the heat was way more torturous when we came out of the airport. We landed at Subang Airport in the evening. Along with the heat, we were hungry as well. So we found a small restaurant just by the airport. As we sat there by the restaurant’s window, I observed that most of the cars in Malaysia were Proton (that link leads to a Wikipedia page).

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My dad explained to me why there were so many Protons in Malaysia… because they owned it.

A bus to Genting Highlands

After food, the sun seemed to be preparing itself for a set. We had a bus waiting for us. We were going to Genting Highlands directly from the airport. One of the best highlands I’ve visited so far. Well, at least among the ones that have a huge amusement park on the top. But just between you and me, the highland that I feel is the best is Mount Batur in Bali and its wonderful trek. 

And off we drove up the hill to Genting Highlands. Up we went and up we went… since I’ve named this blog- Kuala Lumpur Travel Blog, I shall stick to what I mentioned. So let me skip this whole session of visiting Genting Highlands and continue from the time I got off the hill.

But if you really do want to know about what I did up there, check this out ;)

Stay in a Hotel

After we came from Genting Highlands back to Kuala Lumpur, our next plan was to visit the Petronas Tower. We came back to KL in the evening and we got a hotel somewhere near to an MRT station deep inside Kuala Lumpur… or at least that’s what it seemed like to me at the time.

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To be honest with you, the hotel wasn’t very good. They did have breakfast service for the following morning alright. But it still wasn’t very pretty. Bad vibes of some sort. Luckily, we just stayed there for one night. The next morning, we had breakfast and checked out straight to visit the Petronas Tower. Right after my dad got us its passes.

I don’t quite remember if we made it there by taxi or train. But what I do remember is I couldn’t help looking up every time I faced the Towers.

The Petronas Tower

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Apart from being the second tallest towers in the world, Petronas Tower has something else very unique. It’s its bridge. It is said to be the world’s tallest sky bridge. What makes it more fascinating is that it took 3 days just to lift the bridge to its current bridge. Yep, they lifted the bridge up there. In fact, the bridge hangs from both the ends of the tower with the help of two rod-like structures.

So in reality- if there’s wind over a particular magnitude, the bridge actually sways… and it’s completely safe. I mean, if they spent over a billion and a half dollars on it, then its architecture would be safe now, wouldn’t it? Now, don’t find stories about expensive buildings falling and slap it on my face- I was just saying.

Apart from the bridge, its lift is also a thing to talk about. Its top lift speed is said to be 7 meters per second. I didn’t really know if that was a lot… but I got it as soon as it started lifting us up.

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Going up – Petronas Tower Sky Bridge

Before we got in, we had to wait for hours just for the security check. While on the wait, there were informational boards about how the towers were built. How both the towers competed in who would complete building first. And how the winner would be the one to get a chance to build the bridge across the two.

After the long wait, we finally got onto the lift with a lot of other tourists. My parents asked me to hold my ears if I felt them paining. I didn’t understand them. But when the lift started moving up, I got it. Due to the high speed, my ears started turning numb by the second. I looked at the screen. It was moving about one and a half floors per second!

Now my ears were starting to pain. I turned around to look at a tall Caucasian lady whose face had turned pink. She held her ears tight. But it didn’t help anyway, her nose turned red. Luckily, before it got worse for any of us, the lift doors opened. We got onto the bridge for that was the maximum height they would let us for.

inside petronas tower bridge
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Back and out

When we went up, there wasn’t much wind so we didn’t experience the bridge moment- which was kind of disappointing. But apart from that, the view from the bridge was pretty spectacular! I looked down at the road from the window on one side and so tiny yellow ant-like-objects moving slowly. They were actually taxis and cars in the traffic. The feeling was pretty exhilarating, I should say.

The visit to the bridge wasn’t very long. We had around 30-45 minutes to stay and then the lift would take us back down. And so we went down after a few great pictures. The taxi was waiting for us for our next stop- the Batu Caves.

That is another place a little out of Kuala Lumpur. Something out of this Kuala Lumpur Travel blog again.

And again, if you want to read on it, I’ve got that too… I do have stocks, don’t I?

Is Batu Caves Worth Visiting? – Complete Batu Caves Guide

Heading back to the Airport

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After our visit to the Batu Caves, we were completely exhausted. That was all our trip supposed to be and so we headed back. Thus back to the airport did we go to the same taxi. The taxi driver became well-acquainted with us after a while. He was originally Indian and turned out to be a pretty good guide as well. He didn’t speak our native of course, but we understood Malay. As it is close to Bahasa Indonesia, we had no trouble communicating.

If you want to learn a bit of basics of the language, I made a list of stuff that you’d need to keep in mind for it. You can check that out here, I’m sure it’ll help.

He told a lot about the city and his family and lifestyle as well. It was a pretty interesting conversation to listen to on our way back. And then we bid him goodbye and off we flew! Again, I didn’t remember a single thing on our way back. Just before we flew back, I made a very smart move.

I decided to have burnt noodles if that’s even a thing as I was hungry. Bad decision because I was nauseous on our entire travel back to Indonesia. But that’s just typically me, doing wrong shit at the wrong times, so I really can’t say anything about it anymore.

But anyway, that sums up for our trip to Kuala Lumpur. If you just finished reading this Kuala Lumpur Travel Blog, well hooray! You can read and I actually do have readers! Do let me know about it in the comments below if you like.

Until next time, ciao adios!

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