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Guest post guidelines: Let’s get right to it, shall we? Guest articles aren’t something that I usually accept – leaving aside rare occasions when I find the article a perfect fit and a decent blend with my blog’s content.

After all, it’s all about content in this business. But here’s the catch. Though I haven’t had this page of guest post guidelines, people do send in blog post collaboration proposals. Some of which I accept from time to time.

But this page you’re reading is my word that I do allow guest posts on this website.

Guest post guidelines: Why the Change Now?

Turning this blog into a full-fledged travel blog one day is a dream I’m working towards. But I’ll admit – I haven’t been able to travel much.

While COVID-19 is the primary reason, I’m still pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, and traveling would have to wait. However, I’m not letting the dust settle here. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to connecting to more people out there that love traveling.

That’s where you come in. Though I’d accept all of your enthusiastic travel stories, I’m strict about the posts that I publish. I mean, you know the drill better than I do :). So please keep these guidelines before you mail me your guest post:

Guidelines for Guest Post Submission

  • The blog post should be unique, detailed, and SEO-friendly. It shouldn’t be published anywhere else later on – it’ll remain exclusive to this website.
  • Post length should at least be 1500 words. I try to keep most of my posts around this length. However, don’t make the draft unnecessarily lengthy. I’d accept a post with 100 words lesser than a post with more fillers. And yes, please make sure it’s error-free – I’m picky about it!
  • Keep the blog’s tone conversational. This is a blog after all! Travel guide information is the priority, but no one wants to read a bland – all uptight – post. Feel free to spice it up!
  • Make sure the article is of the travel niche. It’s obvious, I know! Call it a final remainder and stick to travel guides. Among travel guides, it can be:
    • Solo-travel
    • Family travel guide (traveling with kids for example)
    • Travel Itinerary
    • Best places to visit /Things to do in –
    • Local guides
    • Best accommodations (in a specific place)
    • Things to pack before visiting (so and so region)
  • Submit original pictures with the draft. Stock images are okay, but pictures taken by you are preferable. The number of pictures is upto you – but include at least 3-4 pictures.
  • Once accepted, the article becomes a part of Madman’s Journey. I reserve the right to make further edits. Before publishing, consider that I shall be inserting:
    • Affiliate links
    • Internal links to other posts on my blog
    • Outbound links (if necessary)
  • Inclusion of backlinks: This guest posting is for other fellow bloggers like me. For any other sort of collaboration or brand endorsement – here’s how we can work together. Anyway, for bloggers – you can either include a backlink back to your site or a specific page.

Would you like me to write a guest post for you as well? I’d be willing to! Here are some of my works on other blogs:

  1. 3-Day Itinerary for a Family Trip to Singapore
  2. Travel Guide to Batam Riau, Indonesia
  3. Mistakes I’ve Made While Writing My First Book
  4. Malaysia Travel Guide For Indian By Indian

These are the overall basic rules to keep in mind before mailing the draft. These guidelines are for the article, but don’t hit that send button right away!

Your draft may have followed guidelines to the letter, but say such an article already exists on my site. All those hours of work for nothing! It hurts. Therefore before you send me a whole piece, send in a pitch first.

How to Submit a Guest Post to my Blog

  1. Pitch your article idea: Send in your ideas about what you’ll be writing before you begin typing away. Be it about the place(s) you’re able to write on or article Title ideas, feel free to pitch in and I shall get back to you. I’ll respond within a day or two and it’ll save us both a lot of time!
  2. Check up if your article idea already exists on this blog. Say it doesn’t – great go ahead and pitch me straight away! And if it does, hit me up and we’ll discuss writing about the same place from a different perspective.
  3. Include your blog link for writing reference while pitching. I prefer to see your writing style before you draft up a post.
  4. Attach the article in .doc or .docx format. Please avoid sending a pdf format – I won’t be able to make edits. For the pictures, attach a separate ZIP file along with the article draft.
  5. Linking to your blog. As mentioned earlier, either include a do-follow link to a specific post/page on your site or a backlink to your site. For a backlink, please add 2-3 lines about yourself for the author bio.

Examples of guest posts contributed:

This concludes the guidelines on submitting a guest post.

All the best and most importantly, stay safe. Cheers!

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Guest post guidelines
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